The Steampunk Empire

The Crossroads of the Aether

Most basic game in the world, but so damn fun.

Whoever is the last to post on this thread, wins.

As for me? I win.

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The inhumanity?

Inhumane - of course I can barely speak for myself !


Just under two hundred contacts  from the Empire over the three days that my computer was out of action .

Could have been worse though , sometimes there are one hundred and fifty overnight . 

All , of course , most welcome - if somewhat taxing on the worn and stubby typing finger . .

Yikes...I am glad you are back on the Aetherwebs with us, Professor, and may sorting through your crowded inbox go smoothly and pass by quickly! I wonder if we online social-group types will eventually just pass on the stubby typing finger(s) effect to future generations...or perhaps they will simply have more digits, or maybe there will be no need for the finger at all as they will download directly into the brain while sleeping and speak their responses to the group site.  Surely they will not need a computer monitor...check this out:


Presuming the video was not posted on April the first two drawbacks occur to me ( 1 ) the shoulder based unit is very bulky ( 2 ) since it sits on the shoulder the parrot normally in residence would be incommoded .
These reservations aside the idea seems splendid , if somewhat impractical .

Well, it is the first prototype so I would imagine, like with everything else, they will perfect it in time.  Imagine it as a feature of a lapel pin one day.  *laughs*Oh, now we wouldn't dream of dislodging the parrot! :D

*Crashes through the door*

I say, has anyone seen my fluffy... Oooops! Sorry, wrong room.

With compliments,


Thank you , Mr. Merriwether : if anyone deserves to come last , you do !

I guess we'd better check.

*looks over the scene carefully* 


Terribly sorry, no, it appears I just did.

Appearances can be deceiving.

I like cake.





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