The Steampunk Empire

The Crossroads of the Aether

Most basic game in the world, but so damn fun.

Whoever is the last to post on this thread, wins.

As for me? I win.

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Oh, Professor, we had nothing to do with the looting in your abode. We were going to raid the royal house of the Esterhazys, but the apocalypse did not happen as expected.

There are claims elsewhere that a Doctor whose name escapes me had something to do with averting the debacle .
I wonder if our Doctor Turner was involved ?

Sounds like a whodunnit !

Whoa there , Wally .

Now that the end of the world is not over,

it's back to business at The Last Poster Wins! 

This is not a complaint or belly aching,

it's just another silly entry in the quest to win this game. 

Although it would have delighted a few that I had left,

rest assure I am still here and do not plan of leaving, ever!

Good try .

Glad to hear Baroness. I, just like you, am still here and will never, ever leave.

awwww, thank you Ravyn!  Good to know and I'm glad you are here too!

The Professor is here . It's just that he's not all here !

You are most welcome, and thank you for your kind words also.

Giving up so easily?  What else do you have up your sleeve? muahhahahaha



That explains the tight top hat . Though my head was swelling with something , again .


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