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Ok, so I thought it would be fun to host a RolePlay (RP) game. (to roleplay is to take on a character and write an adventerous story with other RPers).

I have several ideas for a general start, but thought it would be fun (and more customized...and original) if we discussed the setting, backdrop, magic use or not, etc before we began.

Here is the outline for bio's; *note- I shall not enforce the outline right this instant, but it shall go in effect when I set up the official RP forum. But it would be best if you think about it now... Oh and also, I ask you to provide a picture (photo or drawn) of your character to accompany the bio (please keep the picture at a reasonable size). I also ought to mention, that I will draw all our characters together featured as a whole group, this I will post in the top intro paragraph.

Name -
Age -
Hometown -
Blood Type -
Weapon -
Job -
Skills -
Likes -
Dislikes -
[quick]Background -

Everyone is welcome.

It doesn't matter if you think you can't type story-based posts all that well. Please don't be discouraged by such a trivial thing. I / We shall help you along with advise and pointers (when asked for. Don't be afraid to ask).

Basic rules:

Follow Steampunk Empires' rules

No harrassment

Be excellent to eachother

No godmodding

and No spamming


Was thinking...maybe this thread could be the "Coming Up With Ideas" thread and I'll create a fresh thread for the story when we are ready. No worries, I shall post the link and send a message to every player once it's set up.

Instead, I created a Group. To go there, CLICK HERE

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Name - Riley O'Keefe
Age - 21
Hometown - London, England
Blood Type - O+
Weapon - revolver, knives (one strapped to each thigh), wrench, blow torch, just about any other tool she has on her
Job - Mechanic
Skills - can work wonders on a machine, has the ability to create a new machine as long as she knows what it's supposed to do and has the proper parts.
Likes - anything mechanical, new ideas, getting her hands dirty
Dislikes - fru-fru girls and dresses, closed-in or crowded places, people with no sense of humor
Appearance- Riley has short brown hair and green eyes. She has a pale skin tone and is usually covered in grease and oil. She is of an average height, about 5'3", and skinny. Usually wears men's trousers and a tank top with a leather harness, donning a bomber jacket when the weather calls for it. When the situation calls for it, she will wear a layered gypsy-type skirt, pinned up to the knee in front, with a loose "pirate" shirt and black vest. Always wears a necklace with a large gear. Has several piercings on each ear, usually wears small hoops, and a nose piercing on the right side.
[quick]Background - Riley grew up amongst the working class of London and was trained in the repair and building of mechanics at a very young age by her father. At the age of 8, she was recognized as a mechanical prodigy. When she was 10, her father left and her mother died a few years later due to illness. Riley made her way by working the odd job here and there, always travelling in the hopes of one day either finding her father or an adventure.

So Riley is sort of the Kaylee of the group, as it were, then?  :)  Sorry, a huge fan of Firefly...

Although from your description, she appears to be a little more aggressive than Kaylee ever was (except of course, for the BDM).

Let's start: You start out running from a bunch of walkers that are chasing you and 4 others. A few unimportant characters get shot by Gatling guns that are mounted on the walls of a city you are running from. Out of nowhere this huge machine pops out of the ground and brings down a mighty weapon. The you black out. Now your in a prison of the city you were running from( this city is like the berlin wall. You cross the walls and you dont make it.) And you have to find a way out. 

And then you quest begins to leave the city and put it in ruins. 

I guess not exactly RP more FPS but you can interpit it. Now were you thinking of MMORPG? That might make it tricky but here is a good start.


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