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Hello all wizards and scribes of the almighty pen,

This Fall I will be hosting TeslaCon in Madison, WI. Part of the mystique and fun of the convention will be several characters we created to work within our story line that takes place over the weekend.

I have been a creative person for some time now (20 years in advertising and design) but I have never really achieved what I wanted in the writing Dept. So I am looking for someone or several people to take a crack at writing a story, based upon the characters we will be using for the convention.

The story is fairly fleshed out, and soon we will be filming footage to show as previews for people interested in attending. The story is very steampunk oriented and takes place in 1880, London England...along with several other spots on the globe.

I will publish the entire story in good old fashioned print where it will be available to those attending the convention first.
Concept art shown here is what happens to London during an air raid from our main nemesis. The other shot is the look of the main villain, Dr. Emanuel Proctecus.

If you feel you have the stamina, the courage, the fortitude and above al the time to help create a new steam oriented world where dirigibles fly by tesla power, armies are carried into battle with oversized troop carriers ejecting steam and villains are powerful enough to destroy entire cities with weapons of the aethernet era.

Above is a schematic of the main ship.

If you are one of these people, let me know and respond to this thread. I look forward to talking and conversing about the new world we are all exploring together.

Lord Hastings R. Bobins

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How elaborate and long of a story are you hoping for? I would be interested, but time might be an issue with my current work situation.
I might be interested. I love writing. :D
I might be interested, depending on what length you need the final product and how quickly you need it. You can see a sampling of my work at the following links:

The Gunsmith's Shop -
Gremlin Cookies -
The Good Side of Town -

Please forgive the formatting.
curious about the deadline and the other characters
The idea is wonderful and your villain is quite the striking young man. Since Madison isn't all that far from Central Illinois I do hope I can attend. I would enjoy working on your story line, very much. Perhaps as a beta-reader, as I am interested in your airship technology. Looking at the structure of your airship, I was curious how it is ballasted, considering all the nose-forward weight it seems to carry?
As we spoke of this weekend at Steamposium, my husband would be interested in assisting with fleshing out the military stuff you wanted to clarify. You've got my email (hopefully still!) and I can hook you up with him that way if it's easier.

Great fun talking (and dancing) with you this weekend good sir!
As you may recall from our wonderful conversation at Steamposium, I am not only a history teacher, but a language teacher as well. My friend Phyllis is very much into the steampunk world. We would love to be a part of such a venture. As many poeple have asked, what kind of length are you looking for in a final product?
Dear Lord Hastings - I have been a writer since high school, steampunking for a number of years, and currently organising a large steampunk event - very happy to help with your writing project. Kind regards.


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