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Greetings Everyone,

In the next couple months I am looking to put together an on-line group of people for RPG gaming.  I think in told five would be a good number but it is flexible.  I am not sure of what world we would play in at the moment, I would like to have the people together first and then we all decide.  I would imagine we would use Skype or some other video conference system.  Meeting one night a week to game.  If you are interested let me know and we will start getting the ball rolling.


Nordstromn Giovanni 

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You can sign me up. That sounds like fun :D
great we will wait for a couple more and then start discussing what RPG we want to play.
I would enjoy this... I admit I will be sporadic for a bit. However this sounds fun!
that is great!!!!! welcome aboard
Thank you kind sir. I am in the process of moving hence my temporary sporadic nature.
well I am in Iraq for a couple more months so it would not be until I got back, just figured I would try to get it going now so we can decide what we want to do and try and work out the kinks before then.  are you moving to Mass or away?

RPG gaming? I'm in, and may be able to bring another person on board (if she can spare the time).

yup RPG gaming, so that makes 4-5, let me know about your friend and we can start talking about what we want to play.  Does anybody have any preferences?
I know I would like to play a character similar to my steampunk alter ego. Fabricator, alchemist and all around klutz...
ok so you would want to do something in a Steampunk setting, that is cool with me.
I may be interested, but only if you are desperate for people. I'm extremely busy, however I wouldn't be able to allow such an endeavor to fail.
I would be down with giving it a go. Go ahead and count me in c:


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