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Behold the product of a late night, fevered idea to take a leather Roman Lorica Segmentata I had made and turn it into steampunk armor.

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Completed the back of the Lorica Steampunktata by adding additional rear neck protection and strapping the shoulder piece to the back.  Also made an Armored Cuff and a Geared Couter to go along with it.




that was a mere $35 from Target.  There was a standup version as well that didnt look as good.

I'm just beginning to get into leatherwork, and MAN, that looks intense. I personally would have preferred tooling over the gear painting, but that's how I roll. Great piece, quite impressive! 

Nice job - I like the lapel panels, brass hinges and "tails".  Really nice design and execution.  Well done.

Me too! I absolutely adore the hinges.  That's not something that I would have thought of.

Very nice work. I love the look of the collar. While I love the white on the sleeves, consider a dark colored vest or something sleeveless underneath. It would create the visual illusion that the gaps in the back aren't actually there, if indeed you're going for that fully armored look. 

Point taken and Ive got just the vest!

Ive added a Hermes Industries "gramaphone' Horned Pauldron to protect the upper arm.

Very nice work  thank you for sharing..


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