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Within the chat room, we had been discussing ice cream truck music, and a thought came to mind of a floating Ice Cream Parlour in the skies for many  airship crews to visit.

Of course, it's a base idea, and little has been decided, aside from perhaps a banana split shaped airship.

So now it is up to all to work out just how such an airship would work to allow for this Parlour to exist.

(Also, forgive me, this is my first discussion, I've no idea what I'm doing.)

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It would need a way to keep fruit fresh, ice cream cold, and fudge and caramel toppings warm. Possible with a water heating and cooling system strained from the clouds.
With the high altitudes it's likely to be at, the cold air could probably just be funneled in to allow for cooling, and some sort of steam powered heater could be used for things that needed to be warm.
Don't forget a way to keep them separated. If the heat from the fudge sifts into the area where the ice cream is, the ice cream will melt. Also, if the fruit is in the middle, there will need to be a way to not let them get moldy from the temperature mixing.
How cool would making ice cream parlor look like an airship... wheels are turning...
when it comes to keeping things cold, salt is your friend!
Would it be possible to put the parlor on top of it's buoyancy device (however that might be constructed), so that hanging ships would be able to dock along side of or directly to it? Perhaps an inner-tube shaped balloon?
Good suggestion. Except it would just flip its self over. I'll have to think about how that could work...
It would have to have some sort of stabilizer in its propulsion system. Although I'm not sure how such a stabilizer would work.
A hanging counter-weight, maybe?
Propellers pushing in opposite directions, perhaps.

Or perhaps, it isn't stationary but flies in a slow figure eight pattern above a tower or other groundside landmark? This would give the added benefit of slowly changing scenery beyond the viewports for anyone aboard.
I just have visions of the scene in the Fifth Element, where the Chinese food dirigible came to the window...
I would be all for an ice cream dirigible... it'd be entertaining to see the kids following on the ground.
I know, right? Food trucks floating about... Makes one wonder if you could call the traveling taco stands roach coaches still, though. Scary thought, propane powered deep fryer vats in ramshackle airships selling mystery meat tacos at high altitude.


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