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So much of what is Steampunk, Victoriana, or Maker-Related (as far as I can see) seems to happen in Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, NYC, and Atlanta.

There are many events happening on or near the coasts, I don't tend to see nearly as much in the middle, save for what DJ Infamous and crew manage in the Oklahoma through Missouri and Kansas area - and maybe I am just not looking in the right places.

I'd love to find some events in the Northern Ohio, Michigan, Eastern Illinois, Northern Indiana areas, but anything within less than 6 hours driving distance would be fantastic.

So, I am putting this thread up in hopes that people will share information Conventions happening in the Midwest. I know I could use the information, hopefully others can benefit as well.

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Just as a note:

I've posted a new event for MidOhioCon. It's a comic book/pop culture convention but they welcome costuming of all varieties and it's an amazing place to just hang out and meet cool people. I know we had a couple of steampunks last year and I'm hoping we can up the attendance a bit. A 2-day weekend pass is $25 and a day pass is $15. There's an event posted here on the Empire for anyone who is interested.
Opus Fantasy Festival is on the verge of becoming a Steampunk-oriented convention: (hopefully returning in 2010)
There's also our local anime convention: (We had a turnout of something like 50 steampunkers)
And MileHiCon is occurring this weekend, with potential to be Steampunk overrun as well:
And for the more sci-fi geeky steampunks, Starfest:
These are all in Colorado, which is more MidWest than Ohio, last I checked. :)
Well - I am looking for more "midwest" according to when the term was coined, when the West included Kansas, Western Missouri, etc... Though Colorado would be a wonderful place to be.

If it were entirely up to me, I'd be looking towards the bigger cons out West most of the time - but travel, hotels, and shipping make most of them far too expensive. On a few hundred worth of shipping, I am lucky if I make half that much back in sales, before paying another couple hundred to have things shipped back, and having to figure out what to do with however many hundreds in broken/damaged/missing things have come of the process.

Driving it saves on shipping, but means thousands in gas and hotels just to get there and back.. let alone the stay. In an economy where hardly anyone is buying anything they don't absolutely need - these ventures can be a few thousand in pure loss outside of people met and fun had - which would always be well-worth it 2 years ago... not so much now.

Ones that I can drive to are wonderful to find, but very rare when it comes to Steampunk conventions... or so I thought. There have been some really interesting events posted here - I hope I can take part in even half of them this year.

I would love to look into those Colorado ones as well though. Thank you.
Click on the Events Tab at - I keep a list of major events and highlight a meet-up of the week there. MANY cons will be having Steam Stuff in the midwest. Is Chattanooga TN too far for you?
A 12 hour drive - with an anticipated overnight stay in my home town of Cincinnati to break up the trip. Not too far... perhaps even convenient ^_^
Will anyone be attending Youmacon next weekend? [October 29th - November 1st] I'll be there and I was hoping to maybe set up some kind of meet!

I've heard that the World Steam Expo will have some kind of advertisement booth set up at Youmacon!
I hope that you had a good time at Youmacon, were you able to make it to the room party Saturday evening?

The proper site is now up and functional at this time. The first batch of guests have been announced, hotel reservation is now available, and much much more to come. For those interested, Abney Park will be performing at the expo.

Information for vendors and artists shall be announced soon, and registration is right around the corner.
I had an AMAZING time at Youma! Thanks for holding another great one<3 I didn't make the WSX room party though :[ Here are the pictures from our off the schedule Friday night meet-up: The Chronos Society's Pictures (You'll probably have to have a facebook account and be logged in to see them)

I'm so excited about the website though! I booked my room over the phone 2 days after Youma ended! I am ridiculously excited for WSX and its still so far away....

Will there be any goings-on at Ohayocon for it?
Has anyone mentioned Steamposium on this thread, yet? Steamposium will be in April of 2010 in St. Louis.

The web page is getting more and more information up all the time. The three big things that I'm looking forward to are these:

1. Salon-style convention in a very nice, steam-punky hotel. The lady organizing this works some big-name conventions, like Gen-Con and Dragon-Con, worked with the Camarilla for many years, hosts a smaller, relax-a-con style convention in St. Louis. It's going to be knock-out!

2. Actual symposium - Papers presented, top presenters are elected to 'Fellow of the R.O.S.E.' and will be on panels judging papers at later symposiums.

3. Bazaar - In addition to the standard dealer/vendor room, there will be a bazaar set up one day where ordinary folk can sell small amounts of goods. Or, if you are a vendor/dealer type but don't have a lot of merchandise (my usual state of affairs). You can forgo dealer fees... The Bazaar does not charge a set fee, but asks for a 10% commission of sales that will go towards the R.O.S.E. Society's charity.
Thank you. It sounds like a great event to put on our calendars, and we will ^_^
Oops. Didn't see that I didn't get the web site on here.
I have another event for everyone coming up in January for those who can make it: Ohayocon. It is another anime convention but there will be four panels being held and a meet-up on the schedule. The Vagabonds will be holding three of those said panels and my society will be holding the fourth one. The meet-up is for everyone, we're hoping to make use of the time for chatting and photos. The Lolita Crush event is also supposed to be steampunk themed! (From what I understand it is like a tea party kind of event)

I hope to see some steampunks there!


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