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So much of what is Steampunk, Victoriana, or Maker-Related (as far as I can see) seems to happen in Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, NYC, and Atlanta.

There are many events happening on or near the coasts, I don't tend to see nearly as much in the middle, save for what DJ Infamous and crew manage in the Oklahoma through Missouri and Kansas area - and maybe I am just not looking in the right places.

I'd love to find some events in the Northern Ohio, Michigan, Eastern Illinois, Northern Indiana areas, but anything within less than 6 hours driving distance would be fantastic.

So, I am putting this thread up in hopes that people will share information Conventions happening in the Midwest. I know I could use the information, hopefully others can benefit as well.

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I will be running a convention called TeslaCon. We will be holding it in Madison, Wisconsin- November 19-21st, 2010. Besides my own convention I plan to attend at least 4 others this year alone. All in the midwest region.

I do find it troubling that many conventions are just themed only, and then usually only have a few panels on the subject. I am making TeslaCon all inclusive to the genre of "punk". Diesel, Lolita, Western, Fancy, Dandy, Paranormal science and of course Steam!

The fact is I am having so much fun with the fandom, especially meeting new people. I myself am part of the Star Wars era, and to say that is getting dull is an understatement. Our conventions do not rely on big movies or superstars to attend- they rely on the genius and imagination of the fandom. That to me is what makes steam conventions so special.

Personally I think what makes a convention is the way it is designed- the panels- special events and such. What's so great about the steam fandom is there are so many possible panel/discussions at these conventions. I for one am looking forward to the St. Louis event. My staff and I met some really great people from the area and they invited us down. Let's hope more fans from the midwest start coming out of the woodwork.

That's my two cents!
This event is a long ways off so I might be able to fit it in. It sounds like it will be a lot of fun! Plus I live in MI so TeslaCon isn't extremely far away. We'll see, I hope to attend however!
Just knowing what Lord Bobbins did to promote TeslaCon during WindyCon, I am very comfortable in saying TeslaCon will be top-notch. Depending on where in MI you are, you could possible hop a commuter flight into Madison for less than you would spend on gas money.
Just added art to both my page and TeskaCon group. Enjoy!!!

Lord H.R. Bobbins
Steamposium in St. Louis has some new information on their website and is now accepting online registrations. April 9th-11th, 2010.
Hey is there any good groups/cons in missouri/kansas? cause i cant find seems like everytime i find something im interested in i need to more several hundred miles away to find anyone else
Just an FYI, the theme for next year's MAR-Con is "Alternate History." :D You'll definitely want to be there.


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