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Okay, I admit that I took the title from a particularly informative steampunk costuming panel I attended recently, wherein the Victorian costuming expert explained that the "teacake top hats" would only have been worn by, let's say, "ladies of negotiable virtue."


Nonetheless, I love them, and I make them, so negotiate away! I will be at Anime Boston, the Great Burlesque Expo (MA), and Steampunk World's Fair (NJ) this spring, and check out my Etsy shop, Over the Top Hats.



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Very nice work! I was stunned to find out that the teacake hat was the mark of the soiled dove!
Of course, respectable ladies then wouldn't have worn their petticoats knee-high nor their corsets in plain view.  So what's a pretty little hat?
Marvelous! I will send all my ladies to your shop.


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