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Yes it is. You should listen to my steampunk music podcast:

I've spent the last 3 years finding steampunk sounding music, and it means a lot to me. My current count is 759 songs

As I'm only starting out in the Steampunk world, the only band I know of to mention here is Abney Park. Personally, I absolutely adore them. :) Any suggestions for other bands? :)

The men who can't be blamed for nothing

They're alright... But there are some many more! Actually, you should listen to my podcast too:

Jack Havock is it possable to send me a few links to some good steampunk bands?

Yes it is!

Oops, what the heck, I meant to say "yes I can!"

hahaha awesome just send it whenever.

The first and I think best proto-steampunk effort is the very first Electric Light Orchestra album called No Answer (1972). It still sounds like nothing I've ever heard. The band's leader, before Jeff Lynne took over completely, was Roy Wood. A self taught cello player, he played most of the strings himself. Crazed and utterly unique.
There is lots of music that invokes steampunk without slavishly following Danny Elfman or Sweeny Todd/Steven Sondheim models, as brilliant as they may be. David Bowie's first album is very good as is his Baal EP, both easily accessible online. Tom Waits' more clanky records pretty much invented a genre of steampunk music. The Idle Race's Birthday Party is all steampunk as is the French band Dionysus. It's all brilliant, and it's all out there! What I like about these albums s that they don't write about being watch repairmen or clockwork toys, but have a genuine Victorian or Edwardan day-to-day life slant on things.

Anyone here a fan of Rasputina? They're really quite inventive and brilliant; their sound spans across far too many styles to list! My personal favourites of theirs would be 'Draconian Crackdown' and '1816, the Year Without a Summer'. 
If you haven't heard of them, and like quirky, imaginative music with a very unique sound, you should definately give them a listen. 


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