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Greetings all! I just finished a new top hat and wanted to fish for feedback as well as just show it off a bit. It is all handmade out of leather and copper pipes. It is fully adjustable, and it needs to be as without a snug fit the weight of the front pipes would just keep dragging it down to one's nose! Despite the weight (which isn't as bad as I'm making it sound) it's actually quite comfortable and secure, no worries about it falling off when you look down hehe.

A front view of the hat. I was going for the look of a pair of horns with those lrge exhaust pipes.

An angled view.

the good captain wearing the Steam Pan Topper (named after Pan, that notoriously rakish character)

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Excellent work, old chap. Are you planning to rig it so that smoke will come out of those pipes?

Many thanks, kind sir!

I am trying to devise a method by which to create smoke from those pipes indeed, but am having quite a difficult time of it to be perfectly honest. I have considered a few possible avenues but none I am quite happy with as of yet. I shall have to do more thinking on the problem before a hopefully clever solution presents itself.

Any advise in this regard would be greatly appreciated of course!
Oh my, that's quite the hat! When I was a child, there were tablets for model train sets that made the old style locomotives  puff smoke. You might try looking in a model train store to see if they still have those for the vintage models. I  think they had something to do with baking soda.
The Great and Mighty Oz might also wear this hat.
Looks crackerjack if I do say so myself! I'm not quite sure if it would work but maybe try dry ice and tiny bit of water to really get it activated. Though if they make them still the smoke tablets that lady Paulle suggested would be a much better,and safer, idea!

Like the hat I would check out your local hobby shop that sells model train stuff. I think they have some stuff for model railroad steam engines.

very nice, i just saw a video for making a fog machieen out of a coffee can that would be great but add even more weight.  If you find a good way to make it smoke id love to know how you do it!

It looks like all the model railroad smoke varieties require a heating element of some kind, which I'm rather hesitant to put inside a hat that rest upon my thinking bits.  The dry ice idea would seem eminently plausible, with several options at that.


The simple option is plug up the bottoms of the pipes, add a little water and drop some dry ice in and viola, smoke.  It would be adding a bit more weight to the already heavy pipes however.  A more complicated version, but one that would deliver more smoke for a longer period of time, would be to hide a reservoir of water under the hat with 2 feeds connecting to the base of the pipes.  Filled with more water and more dry ice it would probably look better but be significantly heavier that option 1 (though it would be balanced weight on top, so probably not uncomfortable).


I'm a bit preoccupied with some other projects at the moment and I need to locate a dry ice vendor in the area, but I'll certainly update when this hat starts smoking!  Cheers!


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