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Nathaniel Johnstone moves on from Abney Park~
It's not mentioned on the Abney Park website yet, but multi-instrumentalist Nathaniel Johnstone has announced that he will be moving on to follow his own muse in the coming year.

Abney Park~
Nathaniel Johnstone~

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It is a bit distressing to hear that he will be moving on from AP, but I am glad he will be continuing to make music!

everyone learns something from following the muse from time to time. I wish him the best in futures time

My son and I met him at Dragon Con this past year. Besides being incredibly talented, he is a very nice guy. We are both sad that he is leaving Abney Park, but know he will do well with all his future musical pursuits. 

But, who will play the violin for "Airship Pirate" now?

I was just looking through some new photo shoot pictures of Abney Park and my confusion at him not being in any of them grew to the realisation that he must be left. I'm a little gutted to be honest. Abney Park are my favorite band and I simply can't imagine them without Nathaniel. Captain Roberts and Natheniel felt like the true core of AP to me, and witn Nathaniel leaving... well, it makes me feel more than a little unhappy DX 


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