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Halloween is fast approaching, and while I have never considered my steampunk outfit to be a 'costume' I was still considering wearing it to my school's Halloween party in the hopes that steampunk may further spread.


That being said, those of you who know my outfit know it to be rather underwhelming. Perfectly suitable for a SP gathering, but not exactly shouting our genre. So does anyone know of any interesting, eye catching, possibly large things that one can do for themselves? I just want to be...MORE...if that makes sense.

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Yes, it makes sense.  About the only thing that pops into my demented little mind is a working Tesla coil in a little red wagon.
Ursula is wise. . . now *I* want a Tesla coil in a little red wagon.

Check out the Gilded Guttersnipes group in the accessor...oh,'s a link, there are some really cool things Ms Rooney h as made for her son that may spark some ideas! All credit goes to her.  You also may want to just look around the Gilded Guttersnipes Group, there are many many ideas. 


"Using a canning jar lid and an old lamp finial to turn a pocket-size plasma light into a pocket watch type devise.

I really like how this turned out and it was super easy to make."  from Ms. Rooney



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