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You people with flix likely know exactly how i feel about this stuff. On a constant surch for instant steamy goodness. So we as a community will compile a steam punk playlist (with links) to all the best Steam or close enough to be enjoyable type videos on the web.


please feel free do debate what should and shouldn't belong here. Is it "steam punky" enough? let me know.


The List



Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow


Call of cthulhu


The Iron Giant


The Young Sherlock Holmes



The Wild West


Metropolis Restored (The Complete Metropolis)





Master of the World


Edge of Sanity

Last Exile

Fullmetal Alchemist


Pseudo Steampunk:


Tin Man


Hellboy: Animated: Blood & Iron

Hellboy: Animated: Sword of Storms

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I just wanted to jump in here to recommend The Prestige (starring Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale, with a cool cameo by David Bowie playing Tesla), which I think has a really steampunky feel to it. Weird inventions being passed off as magic, etc.


Aside from the (very slight) Victorian techno angle, it also has some really lovely costuming and shows a a pretty wide range of period style.


Also, it is an amazingly good film, and I highly recommend it for your viewing pleasure!

Absolutely. I'd even say... watch it twice.


The Illusionist with Ed Norton came out about the same time and was somewhat eclipsed by The Prestige (which I like much better), but it's worth watching if you like period pieces. Norton was, as usual, very good.

Capital idea!

I would add for the victorian aspect at least - and some of us here are big Sherlock Holmes fans I know, that the entire series with Jeremy Brett is available streaming. The costumes, sets, etc. alone are worth it, even if some will point out it lack sci-fi elements altogether.

The Episode "Tooth and Claw" from Doctor Who Series 2 of the revamp is extraordinarily steampunk for the series. The entire show is quite fitting as well.

Perhaps with how many debatable steam punk posts there are we should start a second list for... sudo steam punk?
sounds reasonable.
pseudo ;-)

Would any one consider The Bicentennial Man to be steam punk?

I'd just consider Bicentennial Man plain ol' science fiction.  I don't recall there being any Neo-Vic imagery in it at all...
I consider SteamPunk to be an attitude, not entirely confined to Victorian technology or culture.  For instance, I consider to be a SteamPunk image, despite it clearly having jet-propelled aircraft, and to be SteamPunk also, though it comes from the 1930s.  Your mileage may differ, but then there is LOTS of room for opinion here ;)
The rise of airships was in the 1930's! But no, I don't consider Bicentennial Man steampunk, as incredible as it may be...


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