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So I've started up a NING of my own, based upon my facebook barter site!

It's a great way to pick up (or get rid of) things...and stuff.

Also, if you make, or craft, or tinker, or paint, or's a fantastic forum for trading what you DO for what you WANT.

It's gone off swimmingly on FB and I thought if anyone out there would LOVE free stuff....and things, it would be other Steamies!

So DO please stop by and say hello! It's onlly just up, so not a ton of pics yet, but if you'd like to see the 'working model' on FB let me know! (it's ALSO called Bizarre Barter and Troubling Trades.)

Hope to see you all there with lovely things for me to trade for!

Miss Millicent (Gypsy)

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What is your page on Facebook
The barter page is Bizarre Barters and Troubling Trades, and MY fb is Tamara Gypsy Lavery. :)
Thank you, Miss Millicent! I just joined and posted!
Excellent! I LOVE that corset!


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