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As steampunks from all over the colonies of the new world and the motherlands of the old world gather on this fabulous crossroads of the Aether, we invite you to share a little about your steampunk self and tell us about your airship, meetup, local steampunk scene, or whatever.

On the waves of the Aether I am known as Aloysius, a dandy who is a little more of the steam and a little less of the punk, heralding from the Queen City (aka Cincinnati, Ohio) although originally I was born and bred in the heart of the British Empire before migrating to the colonies toward the end of the last century. I am a founding member of the League of Cincinnati Steampunks, a band of anachronistic anarchists who meet every couple of weeks to share tales of adventure and find new ones. I have been a steampunk for longer than I realized; I knew the literary genre back in the 90s, wore Victorian and Edwardian fashions, liked goggles, airships, and brass gizmos, but did not piece it all together until these last couple of years . . . and it's been steamy fun ever since!

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Oi, seems I missed posting in here. Well, no time like the present to fix that, eh?

Isabella Burnham is my name, though if you're smart you'll leave it at "Izzy." I'm First Mate on the pirate ship Dragon Flight... Or, I *would* be, if most of them hadn't turnes tail and ran off last time we made port... As it stands, I'm a crew of two. My friend, Josephine, was lovely enough not to desert me. I can hear you asking, or assuming, that she must be the Captain, then, if I'm just the First Mate, eh? Wrong. The Captain was my late-husband, Arthur Burnham. Since he passed, I just can't handle the idea of someone else holding his title. Raise a glass in his memory, sometime, eh?

In addition to being in charge of the ship, I'm also the mechanic. I have a wrench with me at all times, and I'm not against using it as a weapon. If you can't find me in the engine or control room, chances are I'm in my cabin, working on my own private projects. No, you cannot see what it is.

I love whisky, love a good fight, song, meal, what have you. The easiest way for someone to understand me is to look at my hair; I'm crazy, wild and damn near untamed. But, you'll never find a fiercer or more loyal friend than I. If I do say so, myself.

If anyone is interested in joining on, by the way, applications are being accepted. Sign up if you dare.

Raise a glass, best wishes, and happy flying all!
Izzy Burnham

Salutations Izzy…… as I read through your introduction and the following response by Airmarshal Cain it seems to me we are cut from the same cloth so to speak.
I would like to invite you both to partner with my ship the "Osprey Grey" under the banner of AIRAT- Allied international Random Acts of Trade. There is plenty of profit to be had, and I personally find it beneficial to have friends in High Places ( the skies that is ). I can promise you the whiskey and songs will flow free and the camaraderie is top notch. I hope you'll give it due consideration. This link will help you find us directly.


In parting a toast to your late husband:
May he have spent half an hour in heaven before the devil knew he was dead!

~Captain Devlin MacBain

Thank you much, Captain MacBain. Might I ask where you and yours are based from?

My ship and crew call Waukesha Wisconsin home, yet we have friends and confidants the country and world wide.

I see, I see. As I tend to operate in the South Western corner of Ohio, officially joining would be a smidge hard. But I'm perfectly willing to establish an alliance of sorts. Confidants and friends in varied places are always a joy to have!

It would seem a mutually beneficial and financial endeavor for all of us involved good sir. I graciously accept the preoffered accord and look forward to many days worth of rewarding conquests Captain MacBain.

Miss Izzy, I fondly recall your late husband's name, and whereas I believe I remember us firing upon each other at least once, I assure you that neither myself nor any of my crewe is remotely responsible for his very untimely passing. He was a man of great skill and honor and I shall most assuredly drink to his memory, A. Burnham, a man amongst men...Hear, hear

Again, many thanks to you, sir. I would have never suggested you played a role in his passing, as it was, in fact, the result of a mysterious ailment he contracted sometime after we ransacked the HMAS Glorious. So, there are no feelings of ill will directed at you. That is, unless we find ourselves firing on one another again. You understand, I'm sure.

Madam Izzy, I am greatly saddened by this news. That such an able bodied and capable Captain such as himself would find himself laid so low by the MOST unfavorable of circumstances. Most disheartened at this knowledge, AirMarshal Cain

My thanks, again. He fought till the end, though, and always held the utmost respect for yourself and your crew. If I recall, he often said one of his only regrets in life was blowing such a monstrous hole through that old, fine hat of yours. He meant nothing by it, I assure you. I believe the incident was brought upon by jealousy. As wonderful a man as he was, hats never did suit him.

HAHA What a good memory he had had. Truth of the matter is he blew THAT hat straight through my helmsman. Quite the mess I assure you, and one HELL of a good shot! Took me ages to replace it with this one.  I look forward to sailing with his very capable and determined widow. Oh, hehe, my hat's off to YOU madam. Hoho. Most Jovially yours, AirMarshal Cain

Greetings.I see we have flown in similar and familiar skies. As always, my crew, our Airship, The LoyalCoin, and myself are available to the highest bidder. Our services include transport, protection, extortion, and/or terrorism just to name a very few of our specialities. No employ is too degrading nor morally challenging as long as the pay is golden. Spread the word amongst those you know with enough coin available to spend to procure our sevices. I am always on the lookout for fellow miscreants, mercenaries, privateers, profiteers, malfeasance performing dutiful officers who appreciate the value and loyalty of the coin.

Dastardly yours, AirMarshal Cain

 I am Talon Trevor Jermais MacDonald Killey, I was born in Bay City Michigan to a Scottish Father, and a mother whose family was from the Isle of Man. Being born a child of a citizen of Britain, and born INSIDE the United States made me a dual citizen, so I spent my formative years in both places. I played as a child on the shores of Loch Ness, where I never did find a Monster. My first (accidental) taste of Scotch was at the ripe old age of three years. My grandfather had left a bottle of 20 year Glenfiddich on the table, so I climbed up and helped myself. Rumor has it I slept for three days.

    At the age of 15, with appropriate signatures, I joined the military, and rose quickly to become one of the youngest officers since world war 1. I spent several years travelling the world with the Army, and finally left to pursue my own paths.

  My steampunk trappings go very far back. I have worn victorian era clothing since the early 1980s and often had to tell people "no, I am not a fan of  Prince". (or the partridge family, for that matter).  I have always played around with metal workings, Alternate energy sources, and devour whatever I can find on Tesla. (THIS one thinks Edison (and others) were upstarts and thieves).  I also stater looking at how watches work as early as age six, to my grandfathers dismay.

  My wife is fairly new to the idea, but has embraced Steampunk with all her being.


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