The Steampunk Empire

The Crossroads of the Aether

As steampunks from all over the colonies of the new world and the motherlands of the old world gather on this fabulous crossroads of the Aether, we invite you to share a little about your steampunk self and tell us about your airship, meetup, local steampunk scene, or whatever.

On the waves of the Aether I am known as Aloysius, a dandy who is a little more of the steam and a little less of the punk, heralding from the Queen City (aka Cincinnati, Ohio) although originally I was born and bred in the heart of the British Empire before migrating to the colonies toward the end of the last century. I am a founding member of the League of Cincinnati Steampunks, a band of anachronistic anarchists who meet every couple of weeks to share tales of adventure and find new ones. I have been a steampunk for longer than I realized; I knew the literary genre back in the 90s, wore Victorian and Edwardian fashions, liked goggles, airships, and brass gizmos, but did not piece it all together until these last couple of years . . . and it's been steamy fun ever since!

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No I didn't know!  Thank you for that info and yes its not that far for me :)  Thanks for the link!

Hey there! I've been a fan of the steampunk genre for almost a year now although I have always gone through 'steampunky phases.' I try and base some of my artwork on steampunk and have been working on my first cosplay for a couple of months. I read a lot of books based on the genre and I've even come across a few games. There's not much else to say about myself but I'd be happy to describe my steampunk 'alter-ego.'

In character:

Named after the "monotypic subfamily of venomous vipers found only in subsaharan Africa," Causinae is a teenage engineer working for a company that manufactures tools required for the construction of airships. Causinae fancies herself as an artist of sorts. One whose style ranges from wildlife sketching (mostly horses due to a long-term fondness of equines) to designing various steampunk contraptions. Causinae began life as an upperclass lady. Destined to wed a wealthy noble. Apparently, she didn't really like that idea. As a result, Causinae escaped to the heart of london at the age of 14. Posing as a third-class male worker she managed to get involved in the engineering business, thus beginning the main chapter of her life. Although young, Causinae's story has only just begun.

Sorry it's a bit long, I enjoy writing ^-^

Hello everyone.I'm from Puerto Rico and I've been in this page for a while but I've never got the oportunity to oficially introduce myself. My steampunk character is James Fogg but I often go as Krinky Rivera. Either Krinky or James, call me however you want to. I'm the Administrator and Founder of Steampunk Puerto Rico. Is a small and still growing group but we're aiming to get wider. I've been in the steampunk movement for almost 2 years now and I gotta say, it's the best thing that happened to me since Star Wars. I'm a passionate follower of the aesthetic, philosophy, literature and all aspects of steampunk that exists. I hope to get to know more steampunks around my island and the world. Feel free to add me and don't be afraid to chat. I'm always open for a nice conversation. Have a nice day everyone.

Quite the pleasure to meet you, Krinky James sir! I look forward to seeing you in the Cog at some point soon. ;)

Well thank you Miss Burnham, you're very kind. :)

Welcome, Mr. Fogg. I approve of fog.

Hello everyone. I've been attracted to the elegance of steam technology for as long as i can remember, I like engineering which is beautiful in its own right, not covered up. Steampunk as an art style is something I've been attracted to for a long time, and I recently discovered the social movement.

Always been a maker and have made a wide variety of things including model boats, aircraft and steam engines. Most recently I've been making ocarinas, a kind of wind instrument, and have written a book on the subject: The Art Of Ocarina Making []. Also know how to program in several languages and have a side interest in 3d computer graphics.

For the past 11 years or so I've been writing (and re-writing) a novel which has a heavy mechanical and 'otherworld' theme to it.

Lovely to be united with another member of the tribe. Welcome to the Steampunk Empire!

<static> Hailing frequencies open <static>

Greeting to you all from the command deck of the C.R.S. Ironside. I am Tobias Grey, Airship Captain for the Confederate Republic of Elysia. I have found my displaced in the Aether far away from my great country of Elysia in the skies over a United State of America know as Texas(?). At least this is what the locals here call it, according to a few scouting reports. So let me expand a bit on my life and how I can only assume I ended up here. I will do what I can to relate my home to this new place.


I began life as humbly as one could expect, my father was an engineer for the reigning sovereignty and my mother was a very skilled seamstress. My father designed many airships for his country with only a few ever seeing production, mainly due to the available technology. Things changed however when he designed the Aether flux drive. By harnessing latent energies he could allow instantaneous movement through space. Not like the blackness outside of atmosphere but the space between object. He first tested small objects to a great degree and slowly moved to larger objects. When he tried it on an airship however, it was less than successful. Nothing survived but the flux drive unit. After a few more unsuccessful attempts the project was scrapped. However there was a bit of a silver lining to the dark cloud or failure. My father created the Aether quantum turbine. It ran upon the same principles of the flux drive of using Aether energy but this time it was for power.


I stop here so that I may continue that portion of this story in a moment.


Elysia, my home country is set high in the mountain tops, what many here would consider the Alps. If it's not cold and snowy, it is cold and rainy. However according to maps that I have seen of this new region known as the United States. Elysia would be located where Austin is, with the mountain range running from San Antonio through Austin and up to Dallas. The place where the township of Houston lies was open and contested air, with nothing but farmland and coast. In the middle of what is known as the Gulf of Mexico was a string of islands known as the Federation of Tartaroo. This string of islands I do not find but it resembled a place known as Cuba, according to this map. However, it is in the Gulf not the... Atlantic(?). 

Elysia has been at war with Tartaroo for as long as I can remember, and they have never breached our nation's borders. Citizens of Elysia are trained from a young age about the history of our nation, reading, writing and combat. Two years after my induction into the Elysian military Tartaroo breached our borders in an attempt to hijack an airship with the Aether quantum turbine. My father always joked that, the fates conspired against him. This day proved that he was not far from the truth. He was repairing some superficial damage on one of the prototype ships when the remnants of the Tartaroo strike team attempted to take control of the ship. Rather than let his creation fall into the enemies' hands he overloaded the turbine causing critical failure and destroying the ship in a massive explosion leaving a huge black scar in its place. His research died with him.

My mother was devastated, and she passed away shortly after he was gone. One can only guess it to be from a broken heart.

It wasn't until I was clearing out my families estate that I came across my father's completed design. Imagine my surprise, finding a completed Aether Quantum Turbine. His research notes confirmed several successful test runs that he had run himself. This completed turbine was quickly pressed into service in the newest of Elysian ships the Ironside. I was chosen as its Captain, a sort of prodigal son, as it were.

The first mission for the Ironside was an attack on the country that nearly halted its completion. The attack ended in near disaster. During the strafing run the Ironside was set upon by a few quick moving ornithropters. The Aether Quantum Turbine took damage in the attack and all I can describe is the sound that I heard shortly after. There was a whine and the sound of shredding gears followed by a loud pop and a flash. I awoke to clear skies and different topography from the world I knew.

Forgive me for my ramblings.


Captain Tobias Grey

C.R.S. Ironside


Hello everyone! I'm just about to graduate college with a degree in technical theatre, mostly in prop building and costumes. I was born and raised in Houston, Texas, though I attend college in Kansas, so my time is split between Kansas and Texas. I've been into steampunk for about 4 or 5 years now, and I find that I love it more and more every day. In an attempt to find others who share my interest, I created the Manhattan Kansas Steampunk Society, a student organization (open to anyone though, not just students) and we meet once a week during the school year.

My jobs currently include being a full time student, props master for plays at the university, a human traffic cone during sporting events for my night job, and I do graphic design work on the side. My hobbies are making things, and when I don't have a project or two to work on at any time, I go crazy. I am always trying to learn or hone a new skill. My professors are into steampunk as well, so in scene shop class and a prop making class I recently took, we had to make goggles and a ray gun. I heard about this site from another steampunk at a convention I went to this past weekend. This seems like a great place!

Ms. Thymble ~ Was the convention, by any chance, in Houston?

Why yes it was! It was great to meet you, and thank yo so much for telling me about this site!


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