The Steampunk Empire

The Crossroads of the Aether

As steampunks from all over the colonies of the new world and the motherlands of the old world gather on this fabulous crossroads of the Aether, we invite you to share a little about your steampunk self and tell us about your airship, meetup, local steampunk scene, or whatever.

On the waves of the Aether I am known as Aloysius, a dandy who is a little more of the steam and a little less of the punk, heralding from the Queen City (aka Cincinnati, Ohio) although originally I was born and bred in the heart of the British Empire before migrating to the colonies toward the end of the last century. I am a founding member of the League of Cincinnati Steampunks, a band of anachronistic anarchists who meet every couple of weeks to share tales of adventure and find new ones. I have been a steampunk for longer than I realized; I knew the literary genre back in the 90s, wore Victorian and Edwardian fashions, liked goggles, airships, and brass gizmos, but did not piece it all together until these last couple of years . . . and it's been steamy fun ever since!

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Greetings and salutations!

The name's Erika, but my pen name's Alethearia, so I go by that. Thea if you like - tis easier to spell. I may or may not also go by The Lady Dr. Chennelle Elicith and/or 1st Mate Krylsorta (Krys) Milse. I'm a stay-at-home mommy with a darling little boy, I am also a writer and a small business owner in Utah.

Interestingly enough, I had been piecing together a story for a while with no idea what the genre was that I was writing when all of a sudden my brother in law insisted it was Steampunk and made me watch Steam Boy and Howl's Moving Castle. It was shortly after that incident that I realized that I've been into Steampunk all along and simply didn't know what to call it!

I have been heavily influenced by Firefly and Serenity... which I suppose you could call Steampunk seeing as how it's a space western. Meh, it doesn't really matter.

Pleasure to meet you all.


The pleasure goes all around dear lady.

Hello and salutations one and all; I am Abigail Pinpricker. Currently I am a fashion design student residing in Dallas texas. when im not working on school related subjects i make and design victorian/steampunk inspired costume pieces. I, like many was steampunk before it had a name.. lol I joined the empire almost a year ago but have not been very active until recently. always looking to find like minded people to friend and love having creative friends to bounce ideas off of.

Good day to you all. I am Elizabeth Matthew, an English Major at Miskatonic University.

I enjoy reading literature of many varieties, but I have a certain fondness for the tales of Sherlock Holmes and works of Edgar Allen Poe. I've a soft spot for Poe, you see. I've tried penning a tale or two myself, but nothing of substance has seen the light of day just yet. However, I am not one to give up hope with such things. A few of my favorite things are chocolates, cakes, reading, and listening to music. I adore the symphony, and used to attend quite often.

Greetings and salutations. I have been prowling around this site for some time and have finally decided to participate.

My interest into steampunk began with my first intoxicating drink of absinthe when it finally became legal here in the states. From there I was hooked.

My wife and I enjoy the fashion around this era as well. Top hats, bodices, and such.

I am the persona behind the steampunk band "The Melting Clock". I am a relic from the past. Part machine. Part Man. I was born in the late 1800s but my construction was completed around the turn of the century. I have recently been re-awakened and for the most part can only access my memories through song.  I am obsessed with the re-construction of my lost love, Alice.  Perhaps you can help me...

It sounds like an interesting endeavor. Perhaps I can help. I am a metascientist after all. Though my speciality is limited to the affect of the higher mind on existence.

Sounds fantastic.  I shall give you a call if my existentialism feels out of whack.

Hello hello hello, the name is Phineas Greaseman. I am new to the world of steampunk and to the empire. I happen to be a jack of all and master of none. I hail from the Little Rock in central Arkansas.

Ahoy, all.  This is the Cap'n speaking.  I'm an old regular at and thought I'd check in on how my Steamy coiusins are doing.  I'm an aspiring writer and current full time Engineer. Steam- and Dieselpunk offers an interesting compromise between the two, so no wonder it pulls me in like steel filings to an electromagnet.

Captain? Captain of what?

Of the Pan Am Aloha Pumehana Clipper, the latest in Streamline design and luxury air travel Bel Geddes Industries can design.  Join me for cocktails in the Solarium if you wish, m'Lady.  The band is swingin' and the view of the Soth Pacific passing beneath is just breathtaking!


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