The Steampunk Empire

The Crossroads of the Aether

As steampunks from all over the colonies of the new world and the motherlands of the old world gather on this fabulous crossroads of the Aether, we invite you to share a little about your steampunk self and tell us about your airship, meetup, local steampunk scene, or whatever.

On the waves of the Aether I am known as Aloysius, a dandy who is a little more of the steam and a little less of the punk, heralding from the Queen City (aka Cincinnati, Ohio) although originally I was born and bred in the heart of the British Empire before migrating to the colonies toward the end of the last century. I am a founding member of the League of Cincinnati Steampunks, a band of anachronistic anarchists who meet every couple of weeks to share tales of adventure and find new ones. I have been a steampunk for longer than I realized; I knew the literary genre back in the 90s, wore Victorian and Edwardian fashions, liked goggles, airships, and brass gizmos, but did not piece it all together until these last couple of years . . . and it's been steamy fun ever since!

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I am Gadgets, a craftswoman by hobby and trade, and a dreamer all of the time. I have always been interested in things that tend towards the anachronistic, and only discovered there was a name for what I loved a few years ago. Even then, I danced on the sidelines, reading and sighing longingly over lovely corsets and bustles. It was not until last year when I attended A-kon, the local anime convention, that I learned what a thriving community the steampunk culture really was. I attended workshops and lectures during the convention, and have fallen irrevocably in love. There was no more dancing at the edge after that. Now I craft my own jewelery, have nearly completed my own corset, and dream that one day I could be an airship mechanic.

I am known by many names, and none of them are real. My current alias is James Murray, and I am hiding in the farther reaches of the world. Most know of me as The Anarchistic Gentleman. This label is incorrect, as I do not wish to bring down society as a whole, however I do like the sound of it so I have adopted as my non de guerre. My attacks upon the world of steampowered industry are legion. No, wait, allow me to explain myself.
I adore steam power, and all that it has done for the world. But I recently discovered a clean and efficient method of creating the heat needed for steam, using certain ores and minerals to create and sustain combustion. This research was derived as I could see the damage caused by the burning of coal in my past studies as a biologist. I have conclusive proof that one species of white moth has completely died out as a result of the trees in my home city of Elliurk, which became a foundry town, becoming so coated in soot that their predators soon overran them. I also have conclusive proof from studying past historical archives that the temperatures of the world are rising, which I believe could have much more far reaching effects than dirty trees, and which I assure you is caused by the pollutants we hurl into the atmosphere.
I took all my findings to the major universities, to the heads of industry and even tried to reach the ear of our fair matriarch. To no avail. I was spurned from meetings, cast out from societies, derided by scientists who are in the pockets of the industry men. Finally, one horrific day, my family was brutally slain as a message to me to remain silent.
And so, I decided to fight back. I am emboldened by the thirst of revenge for my family, but I fight on behalf of the Earth. You would not know my passion from seeing me on the street, I dress like any other gentleman you care to meet. But under the gentle exterior there is a superior intellect, a passion and aptitude for tinkering and invention, an acrobat, and a master of several martial arts.
So if you work for one of the Enemies of the Earth, and you find your boss has recently turned down a method of clean steam production from a well dressed stranger, then I urge you to look carefully into the shadows of the machine behind you. And then run.

hear! hear! Bakunin would be proud.

Since i wrote that, old chap, i have thought of a dozen other ways one could have worded it, delving deeper into the character. Seems i have created a work in progress, wot!

nothing written is carved in stone even once it is...a work in progress is always good


and hearty amen to that.

Good evening, all.

My name is Alice Ravensland. I'm a budding seamstress who enjoys the arts, world cultures and the occult.

Born and raised in The Gateway to the West, St. Louis. I felt suffocated by the dusty plains and wanted to experience a bigger world. I uprooted myself to continue my studies as a seamstress in the Steel City of Pittsburgh. This city was just the adventure this smalltown girl needed.

The Steel City is my home now and I look forward to exploring more of my new world.
Oi, seems I missed posting in here. Well, no time like the present to fix that, eh?

Isabella Burnham is my name, though if you're smart you'll leave it at "Izzy." I'm First Mate on the pirate ship Dragon Flight... Or, I *would* be, if most of them hadn't turnes tail and ran off last time we made port... As it stands, I'm a crew of two. My friend, Josephine, was lovely enough not to desert me. I can hear you asking, or assuming, that she must be the Captain, then, if I'm just the First Mate, eh? Wrong. The Captain was my late-husband, Arthur Burnham. Since he passed, I just can't handle the idea of someone else holding his title. Raise a glass in his memory, sometime, eh?

In addition to being in charge of the ship, I'm also the mechanic. I have a wrench with me at all times, and I'm not against using it as a weapon. If you can't find me in the engine or control room, chances are I'm in my cabin, working on my own private projects. No, you cannot see what it is.

I love whisky, love a good fight, song, meal, what have you. The easiest way for someone to understand me is to look at my hair; I'm crazy, wild and damn near untamed. But, you'll never find a fiercer or more loyal friend than I. If I do say so, myself.

If anyone is interested in joining on, by the way, applications are being accepted. Sign up if you dare.

Raise a glass, best wishes, and happy flying all!
Izzy Burnham

Salutations Izzy…… as I read through your introduction and the following response by Airmarshal Cain it seems to me we are cut from the same cloth so to speak.
I would like to invite you both to partner with my ship the "Osprey Grey" under the banner of AIRAT- Allied international Random Acts of Trade. There is plenty of profit to be had, and I personally find it beneficial to have friends in High Places ( the skies that is ). I can promise you the whiskey and songs will flow free and the camaraderie is top notch. I hope you'll give it due consideration. This link will help you find us directly.


In parting a toast to your late husband:
May he have spent half an hour in heaven before the devil knew he was dead!

~Captain Devlin MacBain

Thank you much, Captain MacBain. Might I ask where you and yours are based from?

My ship and crew call Waukesha Wisconsin home, yet we have friends and confidants the country and world wide.

I see, I see. As I tend to operate in the South Western corner of Ohio, officially joining would be a smidge hard. But I'm perfectly willing to establish an alliance of sorts. Confidants and friends in varied places are always a joy to have!


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