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Hey guys,

My name is Lance T. Miller and I have been working tirelessly to bring this deck to market. I funded it through Kickstarter and had awesome response from the magicians and cardistry community. However I am curious to see how it stacks up in your eyes.

You may have already seen the Steampunk deck by Theory 11 which came out just before the new year, but the Actuators have been in the works since August of 2010. It won an award for best contemporary art at the Origins Game Fair in Ohio in 2011 and it finally got made into a deck this year. It features 52 custom cards, 15 unique card faces for the court cards and Jokers, The Ace of spades and all of the index cards as well. Every bit of it is hand drawn with the Steampunk Aesthetic in mind.

All along the process I invited people to stop in and see me work on the art live. It's all hand drawn in Illustrator using a Wacom tablet. I'm trying to think of other details you'd be interested in but I'd rather have a Q&A with you guys so you can find out exactly what you want to know.

I would really love to hear your guys thoughts on these, since after all, it was the Steampunk community that really encouraged me to turn this into a product.



There is a review of the decks here:

Buy them here:


I look forward to your thoughts and input!


Most Humble Regards,
Lance T. Miller

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Wonderful idea, I hope I can buy some before they are gone.


nice work.


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