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As a new segment on my Podcast, I will be doing Niki Leaks, things about Thomas Edison leaked by Nikoli Tesla. If anyone wants to contribute things, that would be great! Preferably real things, but other ridiculous things are fine as well (e.g. he sleeps with a teddybear, or he hates pigeons).


If you guys would like to help that would be great, and of course, if you want to defend Thomas Edison and tell me not to do this, then that will also be taken into consideration. I want to appeal to the steampunk community, and if the majority don't like something then I wont do it.

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Defend Edison? Vastly overrated as an inventor. He was an acquirer of patents.


Let's start with him stealing the already invented incandescent lightbulb of Joseph Swan in Britain and, despite Swan having patented the invention in the UK, Edison obtains the US patent and starts marketing the bulb as if he were the original inventor.

Edison and Graham bell are the most overrated inventors of all time I think.


Leonardo Da Vinci on the other hand, he's a genius. He invented an Automaton at the age of 12 I think. He's always been my idol, kinda.

Da Vinci invented simply EVERYTHING. They just haven't given him credit yet! He's always been a favorite of mine too.
Just a note, my dad is always correcting me on this: Da Vinci Means Of Venice, so you said "Of Venice invented simply..." Anyway, I thought you might want to since he's a favorite of yours!

Actually "Vinci" in Tuscany is the name of the town where Leonardo was born, hence "da Vinci" and about 300km from Venice. Though the point your Dad may have been trying to make was that Leonardo da Vinci translates as Leonard of Vinci.


Still, after 500 years all other people from that village who may have had that place name identifier have paled into insignificance against Leonardo. Like Edison, or Tesla or Washington, if you're just using the surname there's a 99% chance there's only one person of that name you mean.

I don't know about invented. He was a great conceptualist though. It's a bit like saying I invented the superintergalactic highway tollgate. If I was to get a working model, now that would be invention in my opinion.


That said I do like all of the da Vinci programs where they try to make bring his sketches to life.





This will be featured in next week's episode, Out With the New in With the Old. Thank you!
I have nothing to contribute, but oh how this makes me giggle!
Then listen to Airshipwrecked with Captain Proctor!
Should AC/DC be a band all steampunks should hate then?

Edison did not invent the light bulb; however he did invent the electric meter. Be sure to remember him every time you get an electric bill!



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