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My persona is an American-built automaton purchased by a wealthy entrepreneur in 1878. She was  constructed by J.Q. Henson, a well-known inventor, at his factory in Chicago. Henson had previously built robots for various purposes, most commonly industrial labor. However, the Coin-Operated Girl was one of the first to utilize new technology designed to more realistically simulate human thought and emotion.

Her original purpose was to serve as governess to the entrepreneur's children, and she remained in the family for several decades. However, with the advent of the Great War, German factories began creating automatons to serve as "warbots" in the trenches alongside human soldiers. Back in the U.S., anti-German sentiment was mounting (both during and after the war), and the American automatons quickly became the subject of distrust and fear. My unfortunate character was dismantled and left in a scrap heap, forgotten.

Her companion (who does not have a name yet but hopefully will soon) was one of the German-created automatons who fled Europe after the War. He found her in the mid-1920s and repaired her, and the two became friends.

Her personality is sweet and patient, though perhaps a little absent-minded due to some lingering damage to her "brain." She can be strong-willed, but was groomed over the years she spent working for the family to be, first and foremost, considerate of the feelings of others. The result of this shaping is an unusually high level of simulated compassion, and her mannerisms are convincingly human, despite her antiquated technology.

Unfortunately, her name was forgotten long ago by the descendants of the family she once served, and she is unable to recover the information herself. She has been (incorrectly) dubbed the Coin-Operated Girl by humans and longs for a name of her own. Can you please help her create a name for herself? She would most certainly appreciate any advice you can give. 

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I absolutely love this concept.

I'm going to suggest Clara, which I get from The Nutcracker Ballet. Whenever I see a mechanical ballerina in a jewelry box I always associate it with her, and I think something beautiful that is somewhat hidden away in a box fits the tone very well.

I think that's a very lovely name, I don't think the last name of Venture can be taken properly seriously anymore unfortunately.

....well...fortunately, but still.

The concept of a "Coin-Operated Girl" is intriguing; the fact that she is not such causes one to ponder what caused humans to mistakenly dub her with such a moniker.  It causes one to think of those robotic fortune tellers to be found at carnivals and amuzement parks; drop in a quarter [$0.25] and she will tell your fortune.  Might such be part of your back-story?

I do like S.D.'s thought for a name; of course being an American I would have been more likely to say "Miss. Two-Bit Venture"; the loose translation of which would be Fifty-Cent Girl...and could well cause an incorrect thought.  Yes!  "Miss Tuppence Venture is far better.

Your current moniker makes me think of The Dresden Dolls.


I think it's a pretty good name honestly, though I can understand why you'd want an actual "name" to be called by.

Maybe after you come up with one though you can still have the whole title thing, like Miss Clara Tuppence, the Coin-operated Girl. Then everyone new to the site will know who you are and what you are, but all have a reference name to call you for short - Miss Clara/ Miss Tuppence.

(My name is like that too if anyone is adventurous with foreign tongue and takes the time to figure it out; but most people call me proper, Shahbanoo, or improperly shorten it to the man's title, Shah. Really though, who am I to complain about people using the proper title? I actually get upset when people I'm not familiar with forego the proper form of address and omit the title, so there's that :D )

Shahbanoo has ever been Empress, a friend named Kurosh in the SCA told me that one when I asked what his Lady would be called if he ever won Crown in Ansteorra.  Pantea, I must admit, escapes me; I am sure it must have a meaning, most names do in any tongue, but for now I must continue searching. :-)

Oh, I feel bad now, I have always called you Ms. Pantea. I thought we were familiar, why did you never tell me :(

I never told you because we are familiar, James. **smiles**

Pantea is just the current moniker. It used to change for every culture and language it came into contact with. 

The Princess of Susa and the Last of the Old Aryan Nobility (This is per Saphronia from when we first started the game. But I don't think anything changed, except more research meant more info which leads everything to more details that in turn make the story make more sense)

You remind me very much of my own dear Alice (as presented in the video below).  A refreshing sight indeed.

Nanny Madeline was the first name to come to mind when I read your story. Being that you were made to be a Nanny and Made on a production Line. So Nanny Madeline seems to me to be the perfect name. And to back up this idea, there is an easy back story for it. When you were first brought home to the family the young children were the ones who got to un box you. Little Liza was far to young to help with the hammer and pry bars so she held the instruction manual while her two older brother helped father to do the work. She and mother watched some what but since Little Liza was learning to read she was trying to pronounce the words on the cover of the manual. Which read as follows....

"Greeting and Thank you for choosing our latest and best creation. The Nanny, home and family assistant ...." (the manuals cover goes on to detail all her primary functions.) Near the bottom of the cover it reads as follows "She was assembled on the production line 23, She is Model _____ Built  June 9th, 1877, ," Little Liza stops her mother and ask what 'assemble' means? Her mother explains it means 'That she was Made on line 23." To this Little Liza ponders in deep thought then beams and exclaims 'Madeline! Her name is Madeline!" And that was her name from then on... the end.... maybe???  

A very sad but true unfortunate event.  I think you have now found her new name but I think owing to the nature of her rebirth I think it appropriate to have the prefix 'Dame' for all her troubles - I hope this helps.  My thought also the name Penny Silver comes to mind.


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