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Please refer to the message I sent out to all the Society regarding details of our gathering.

What would you wish to accomplish, if anything? Would anyone care to make a presentation of any sort? Talk amongst yourselves...

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The times for the event will be 7:00 to 10:00, at the Maryland Inn. We will be in the Crown and Crab room, across the hallway from the Drummer's Lot Public House. Please RSVP with a headcount of your group so that I know how many to expect, and whom. (or is it who?) Which ever.

By the by, if this is redundant, well, so be it. We are meeting for cocktails and social intercourse (snicker.) We are also meeting to discuss what we will be doing with this here Society. Plans for future events? Bring 'em. Ideals to share? Pack'em in your kit bag. A bone to pick with daily mediocrity? Wear it on your sleeve! We're out for a fun time in a s stylish a manner as possible.

Other topics to discuss: Dinner before-hand. Does anyone wish to wrangle a meeting? We can also certainly do our own individual dining arrangements as well. Annapolis certainly has a host of fun gastronomical establishments.

Professor: Clan MacKenzie are travelling in a pack on that day, and so I will be in attendance along with my current husband Jno., my gender-ambiguous child Ashley, and my friend Herr Professor Doktor Johannes M., whom I believe you met on one of your mutual chrono-ventures when he got stuck between England ca. 1543 and Gettysburg ca. 1863. So that's a headcount of four.
I will be attending with a plus 1..she is new to this and will not be in a stylish manner...if my new jacket gets here i will be..atherwise i will be in a semi- stylish manner :)
As I said previously, I will be there, and am bringing just myself, good sir. I look forward to meeting you all you this weekend!
I am planning to attend the gathering, and indeed look forward to it with pleasure. I may use the opportunity to demonstrate an invention, which a colleague and I have been striving to perfect. This presentation will take about 15 to 20 minutes, if I might beg the indulgence of yourself and the other guests.
Dr. Don Sharpe
Sounds very interesting. As long as we don't vaporize, or otherwise set aglow the facility, I say bully! I accept your proposal. Thank you sir!
I shall certainly make every attempt to avoid the unfortunate results you have mentioned, although I'm sure you are aware of the dangers attendant on experiments in temporal and physical displacement...
I shall be there sans any of my wayward experiments
I am not sure where my message went but I shall be there sans any wayward experiments of course.

If'n anyone wants to carpool from the Western Montgomery County region please ping me off list
I'm pleased to say that I will be able to attend this exciting event! Additionally, I will be bringing all of my completed creations to the gathering, should any be interested in perusing and/or purchasing said items. For a sample of my work, please see the photo album on my page. I create steampunk-inspired jewelry, integrating precious metals and precious and semi-precious gems with vintage watch parts to create unique and eye-catching jewelry- our dear Professor Moone is already an avid collector of my wares. Unfortunately I do not have a vast inventory yet, but I do accept commissions, and I'm in constant production!

Looking forward to meeting you all there,
Miss J.A. Faulkes
'Tis true. I am in possession of Ms. Faulkes' exquisite and original jewelry, with which I plan to don for our soirée.



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