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Open Call for Steampunk Artists:

I've been invited to curate a another Steampunk exhibition for a very large and prestigious museum- expected late 2012. We are planning a blockbuster show which will include all disciplines of Steampunk art and design.

  If you wish you can email me up to 6 medium res jpegs of your original work: be it graphic, sculptural, jewelry, fashion, painting or medium of your choice and a brief personal note with your email info and location (country of origin).  I'll be making the selections for the exhibition in the coming months and will contact the artists that have been selected for the exhibition.

Thank you in advance and greatly looking forward to seeing your works. 

Art Donovan 


Title your email with the word "Submission"

Please note at this time I cannot discuss the location of the exhibition.

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No, it's not a mystery request,  If you know my name and reputation in Steampunk,  you would know it's a valid exhibition.  Regards,  Art

Hello, Steampunk Artists, 

If you email me a submission for the museum show,  I won't be contacting you back to confirm that I received your email. But please know that I DO receive and log in all of your fine submissions.

At the end of the open call,  which will be on for a few good months, I shall be emailing the artists that are confirmed for the show. 

My Best Wishes to All and thank you for your submissions in advance :)  Art Donovan

Good Day sir and well-met.

Just a question or two:

1. Do re-purposed items count as original work?

2. How many pieces/submissions per artist?

Thank you,


Yes, re-purposed designs certainly do qualify. You may submit up to 6 pieces,  Thanks. Best wishes,  Art

Thank you.


Hallo, hallo

Some questions -

Is our work returned to us?  Is money required to cover postage?  Are we able to sell, or not, our art work?  For those of us who live far away and are stint broke and cannot make the show, are photographs going to be taken (and posted hopefully where we can all enjoy them?) To be quite honest it makes me a little nervous to send off work that I've put a great deal of effort into to a virtual stranger but I would love to be part of a steampunk exhibition...

Hello, Megan,

The round trip shipping costs, including handling insurance and on-site insurance, would be covered by the museum.  The artists would only be required to very carefully box or crate their item(s).  The museum would also be covering the show for the press and many photos and videos will be produced.  As far as sending your artworks out to a virtual stranger, you can be assured that they will be in safe hands (look up my background and previous exhibition at the Museum of the History of Science at Oxford University.)

Hope this answers your concerns.  Best Wishes to you.  Art  :)


Thank you for the quick reply and info - this sounds like a fantastic exhibition.  I will get to photographing!

Oh, how I wish I had something to send...

Mr. Donovan,

You have done this sort of exhibit in the past, and I hope to participate in the future, but, I'm not able to at this time. And for that, I am truly regretful.

Burgess Shale

You still have plenty of time left.  The open call will be on for quite a few months.

Thank you. I have a few other art-related commitments over the next couple of months, but I shall see what I can do.

This sounds amazing!! How long before the call closes? I have about a month's worth of work to finish before I have my costumes complete, then I can submit photos of them. 

Also, can two artists put in a collaborative submission? I have been working with a graphic artist who has created amazing images using my costumes and models. My profile picture is an example, I made the costume and he was the photographer and graphic artist. 



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