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Open Call for Steampunk Artists:

I've been invited to curate a another Steampunk exhibition for a very large and prestigious museum- expected late 2012. We are planning a blockbuster show which will include all disciplines of Steampunk art and design.

  If you wish you can email me up to 6 medium res jpegs of your original work: be it graphic, sculptural, jewelry, fashion, painting or medium of your choice and a brief personal note with your email info and location (country of origin).  I'll be making the selections for the exhibition in the coming months and will contact the artists that have been selected for the exhibition.

Thank you in advance and greatly looking forward to seeing your works. 

Art Donovan 


Title your email with the word "Submission"

Please note at this time I cannot discuss the location of the exhibition.

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Mr. Donovan,

Another question for you.

I have submitted original artwork for your consideration, but most of it will be for sale at several events prior to July.  Do you have an expectation that the particular images submitted will be the same ones available should we be selected, or will recreating similar pieces work as well?

It just occurred to me that my inventory could turn over between now and then, although I can certainly make very similar pieces, they are all one of a kind.

This is a good question, I am in a similar situation, but I am still workin on my pieces so they will be slightly different in July...

"Different" is no problem :)

Hi, Camryn. 

I realize that it's difficult to hold onto pieces (that were submitted) that have the opportunity to be sold.

Please do not hesitate to sell your work!!!  We can always work around it, stylistically.

Best Wishes :)  Art

Good to know.


And thanks for checking in here. I was wondering what the status was, but didn't want to bombard you with emails asking "did you decide yet? did you?"


I shall resume my pose of infinite patience.

Perhaps, Mr. (or Ms?) Matthews, you might enjoy joining the Society of Steampunk Artists, we often share our artwork in our members forum:


See you there!

click on that link. a little to the right of the group name you will see a PLUS sign (+) and a button that says "join this group"

click the button.

There may be a delay while a moderator or group owner checks in to accept your request - usually less than a day. You can create your own thread there and share artwork if you wish.


good luck!

I'm not sure if my stuff qualifies as art but it's cool, functional and could have been built a hundred years ago.

it never hurts to try! Apply and see what happens...

Are you still looking for pieces?

Hi, Kristy.  Yes we're still looking for pieces.  The exhibition as yet does not have a firm date, but late 2012-early 2013 is the hoped for date.  The Museum is currently undergoing staff and scheduling changes- hence the delay in a firm date.  Best Wishes,  Art

Thank you.  I'll send in some photos... Most likely next week, as this weekend is amazingly packed with events.  I'm a jewelry maker and some of my pieces are odd, but I've been told that's what makes them interesting.


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