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Magic seems to have a rather prominent place in the world of Steampunk, and my own character himself is a Mage. What are your opinions on the place of the mystical arts in Steam-powered Victorian society?

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Every once in awhile I still bust out Arcanum of Steamworks & Magick Obscura to play. That was a high fantasy game with Steampunk elements (or was it a Steampunk game with high fantasy elements?) 

Frankly I feel there is  a place in the playground for Steampunk with magick while still acknowledging that there are people who don't want magic interfering with their Science(!).  


Well, i think Magic is more than welcome in SP character dwells in the unknown of things and Magic is one of it either Black Magic or the fun stuff where a Magician saws a lady in half.  In my opinion the more we can all flesh out the SP world the better i think....There's SP Bounty Hunters, Time Travellers, Inventors and Treasure Hunters so why not have Magic i say...bring it on thick and fast.

Define "Magic."

My take on Steampunk is that the characters abilities should be based on a rational, observable reality. Now, for your average Victorian, that reality included ghosts and fairies. Mesmerism was being studied. Ancient inscriptions were being uncovered and translated. And who knew what would be discovered in the center of Africa or near the Poles. Magick was just another currently mysterious area of knowledge, like electricity, that could be studied and controlled.

That being said, my Steampunk Mage should be accessing Arcane Sources of Power logically and with fantastically complex mechanical devices. A nice star-spangled vest would look sharp, and goggles that allow one to see into the Spirit Realms.


I really like this summation; provides a succinct & precise historical, Steampunk context for magickal pursuits.

While the elements of magic and the paranormal adds spice to the steampunk genre, one should be wary of overdoing the magic, otherwise you may as well take up residency at Hogwarts.

Slytherin House ftw!  Thank you good sir. I think you've inspired me to create a Victorian Hogwarts student's uniform. ;)

Perhaps a sp werewolf would be more comfortable among a group of furries than among steampunks.

That's a very impractical and narrow view of it. I myself have imagined a werewolf character for a steampunk story, and in no way should he be lumped in with furries. He's hardly an anthropomorph at all. 

"Representing yourself as a high priest of an actual occult order should keep you safe from the slings and arrows of Harry Potterism but you might want to make sure there isn't an active chapter in your neighborhood... you know... just in case, lol."

~~ Hee, hee! Unless, of course, you're a member....   ;-)

I don't mind Magic, Mysticism, and the Supernatural in my SP, I just don't like it overdone. 


Rationalism for me too.  Yes, I know this is Steampunk, fiction, etc. but no Zatana type characters that can say a magic word and "poof!" something is done.  I crave Magick in the vein of Aleistar Crowley where it is ritualized, or maybe along the lines of Lovecraftian sorcery where it is all based on science and geometries. 

Exactly, magic must has a method other than gibberish and waving a stick. The alchemy of magic and the mechanisms of alchemy. Everyone should know you need to distill the essence of red ginger in order to create jhin-jhin which is used to entice a genie to do your bidding. In order to do that you must aquire the raw materials and the mechanism for it's refinement.


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