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As some of you may already know, I am writing for's Steampunk Month.

I have recently finished a piece on the DIY aspect of our lovely subculture.

Would anybody like to volunteer a picture of a work they've completed? I can only use two or three at most, but I will give proper credit. I'm not interested in yoinking any picture off the internet when I can ask permission. Work can be costuming, props, machines... anything you've worked hands-on for.

ETA: Thanks folks!

Now for something a bit trickier - do you have any pictures of your projects in the concept design stage, as well as during the building stage?

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You can use pictures of my time machine or clockwork books. Your choice. I have sent some examples. There are more if you want to look at my photo section here at Steampunk Empire. Hope this helps.
Feel free to use a photo of my Demi-Sherical, Charred Coal Fueld, Radiavective, Grill-Roaster:

Thank you, Craig. Is there any specific way you'd like to be credited>
If any of the outfits, bits or bobs I have posted on my site can be of use by all means use them, as for crediting me...shrug, whatever seems proper, best thing is to suggest they come here and have a look see at all we have to offer. Tootles
hey Jha, feel free to plunder my photobucket account

There is alot of good stuff in there from costuming to ray gun making
the raygun isnt there darlin. nor the costuming.

But Jha he has some full process photos of several projects from rayguns to costumes.
Awesome. I just went through the pictures and didn't find the rayguns.

Also? I saw the picture of the tank with the pebbles and lobster (prawn? I can't tell) and because I hadn't yet looked at the image on its own, I thought, "is that a tank of tribbles?" I was both slightly relieved and disappointed to find it was not.
The build pics are on a side file. If you look to the left side you can see several other folders. one is labled "raygun" there are others labled ravenwood and I think some build pics of a videogame thing I built. The ravenwood folders have the costume pics in them. Probably a bit late for this, (sorry I didn't check back sooner). The thing in the tank is my pet crawfish, Horace. I plucked him out of a ditch about, six months ago and he has lived in the aquarium ever since

and some of these might help I have not been there for a while with new stuff
i have a few pics on my page if you like you may use them...i have other things in the works..when will you need them by? on the new stuff i can do pics in the progress?
I would very much appreciate pictures of projects in progress! Or even a picture of something still in conceptual design, if possible! I don't really have a deadline, but "soon" would be nice!
I have too much stuff to post them on this thread. Pictures of many projects are on or my Deviant Art account if you'd like to use anything just let me know.

Here is one as an example:


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