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Alright, so I see that there is no listing for this convention, so since I'm new here, I have to pass the word, or everyone will miss this. It's the CYPHAN convention in Chicago! It's planning to be the biggest sci-fi convention in the midwest!


This is the link


We're talking Stormtroopers! Steamers! Fireflyers! Demon Hunters! With a fully functional and "visually correct" starwars styled cantena! Not to mention guests like Jewel Staite and Nicki Clyne, a Browncoat bash with Jewel Staite (Which should be renamed The Browncoat Kaylee!) and a Saturday night Imperial Ball where everyone "Plans to misbehave..."


Not to mention that the impromptu parties for these event's are endless and insane!


We have to get a good contingent of steamers there!!!


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This looks like an awesome convention and has some really cool guests and programming. Thank you for sharing! Chicago isn't that far away and may be worth a road trip for a day or two!
Mike always puts together a very good show!

I'm really looking forward to hanging out in the cantena and of coarse the Browncoat bash... If folks are even just considering making the trip, don't just think about it! These are always the kind of events that folks look forward to for months on end.

Not to mention the best of people all in one place!!
I will be there.

I'm sure that there will be more to follow our lead!!
I will be working the event, but dressed properly for the occasion!

What will you be doing?
Bookselling. Crimson Books. We carry Victoriana, uniform guides, some how to stuff, and other things. We know Mike from Reenactorfest, and have been selling to the steam community at events (Windy Con, Steam Century at Midway Village, etc) since last fall.
Then we've probably crossed paths before. I'm usually with the Soviet 95th Rifles and also do piracy with the Crew of the Archangel...Are you headed to Lowell this weekend?
No, unfortunatly. My other job is holding me hostage. Alas.
I hate it when the real world gets in the way!!


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