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Good Day Ladies and Gents, Raspberry Pi has been on my mind for a while now and unfortunately I missed the first sale of it. If you don’t know what the Pi is you probably think I’m off my steamy rocker. So let me back up some. Raspberry Pi is a credit card sized micro computer built with generic parts to keep the cost ULTRA low ($25-$35 usd).  The Pi packs some impressive stats and because of everything it offers I think it may be the next “nerf mod” of the steampunk world.  Check out their website to get all its stats so I don’t have to list them here in the start of this post. I would like to take mine when I get it, mate it up to a micro projector and then shoe horn it all into a vintage film projector to watch T.V. and what not through.  Here is there website  What would you do with it?


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I have heard about these. You could also put one on a wrist cuf with and do stuff like talk into it.

this sounds like a great idea, I am thinking one could uplaod sound effects rather fast then (maybe) have an external switch which cause the "action" sound to happen. Such as firing a weapon or a Steam whistle to blow. I will have to see what it is capable of but it sound like a great easy short cut to ideas I have been wanting to add to my props.

well it does sound interesting but not quite what I thought it would be. Who knows maybe one day I will find a use for one.

I had the idea today of integrating it into a self contained multi media jet pack. One tank could be the speakers the other the projector.  The Pi itself will run on 4 AA batteries for a couple of hours. It would be way cool to project your rocket flames on the floor behind you as you move with accompanying sound.    

I do not know what kind of flames you are wanting to project but there are several ways to do so with out using something as complicated as a computer to do so. If you desided to investigate this further then I would be glad to chat with you about it. Oh and the way most prop makers use things like I Pods to run wave files with the sounds the want to play. There are other ways to do so as well but I have not investigated any thing as of yet for my prop projects.


I’m thinking about a selection of “Real” video flames that will change with the sound effects.   Blender files to be exact. That would only be the packs partial use though.  I would like it more than anything to be a self contained streaming media center. Where you could put the pack down, show your favorite steampunk movie, then put it back on and fly away.   


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