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Reactions and phrases to appearing in public well dressed

I am sure that all of you on this site receive various reactions from the 'general' public regarding your individual attire. No doubt these reactions vary according to place, as there are areas were dressing well or dressing up are quite common. It is both amusing and interesting to observe and listen to the various verbal reactions that people direct toward me regarding my dress (and accouterments). To be expected is the general razzing or making fun of how you are dressed. Recently two young men were snapping as they approached me and as I just took their ribbing in good jest (actually I told them they were paying me a compliment), we wound up having a conversation about the use of the term snappy in relation to dressing (we also had a lively discussion about their common misunderstanding of the origin of the Homburg hat,they relating it to 'gangsters'). After that evening I myself was reflecting upon other terms I have heard such as 'dressed to the nines' (, ' very sharp', 'dandified'.

One of the more amusing encounters related to my attire happened the other night in a pub when a young woman said that "that kind of outfit ain't right for a bar". I retorted with the quote from Oscar Wilde "Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months." Apparently it is acceptable to be dressed well or 'gussied up' (one of my personal favorite phrases) if one is in church or at a wedding, however not at a drinking establishment. I would welcome the various reactions that your own individual style has in your own environs and for you to share any humorous phrases your unique apparel (and accessories) have inspired. One other important thing to remember is to include the compliments. Today at work several people complimented me on looking so well (one woman used the word dapper). The ultimate response today was a lady who asked if I was an artist and if my art was involved with my clothes to which I replied "I always endeavor to involve art in every aspect of my life."

To the art of dress,


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It's late, I'm awfully tired, thus my reaction will be brief. I can absolutely relate to virtually all that you describe above and have similar reactions such as being told that I was overdressed in a bar; the person told me that I should "relax." In fact often people do not seem to understand that I am more relaxed in trousers, a dress shirt, vest, and jacket than I am in blue jeans and a t-shirt; I actually feel far more self-conscious in the latter and feel dreadfully plain.

An additional note, I began to dress in a more formal manner around the mid-nineties not only because I enjoyed the aesthetic aspects, but also as a form of reverse rebelling against the "rebellious" casual styles of the masses. This is an facet of steampunk fashion and the community that I appreciate a lot.

I have far more thoughts on the topic and when I'm not so tired I should add another comment entry. Meanwhile, nighty-night!


PS: Looking forward to seeing you again, hopefully at the Southgate House, else for sure at Loveland Castle :)
What is this T shirt you speak of? (I only wear those dreadful plebian clothes when cleaning the house or gardening in the privacy of my cloister)

I must agree with you about what you say about the "styles of the masses". I find it far more rebellious to casually dress in a properly tailored suit, than it is slipping into the extremely loose and over-sized "clothing" we see being worn by every other person nowadays.

Hat's off to people who dare dressing classy in public!

Portland maine is known for its local color. you get some looks.
I was walking behind these two man in one old part (lots of bricks and cobble stones). one of the men says the other can't you just see people walking around in Victorian garb. I could not help myself. I pasted them turned around and winked. I got about three steps away and they both broke out in laughter.

other than that a lot of Mary Poppen's references exepecally in the rain (umbrella).

Prescott Arizona is one of the AZ towns where people gussy up in Victorian on a regular basis. I see at least one person at least once a week. Now brass horns emerging from the touring hat, and goggles on the bowler are another matter ....
most clever of you.
Oh yes...

I myself am very familiar with the comments and normally I shrug them off however recently whilst perambulating after a Tea Party I was approached by a few young gentlemen, well I say gentlemen however that is not what they were.

I was in rather high spirits and thought I'd have a bit of fun with them.
Here is the occurrence as it happened

The first question was, and I'm quoting here:
"So, in a play or sumpin?"

To which my response was:
"Were you addressing me sir?
As I see no members of the canis genus hereabouts one must assume that you are indeed referring to me & I am not a dog sir, my name is Dr. Chronotis

Whereupon the one chap said:

I retorted with:
" I was simply pointing out that there were no dogs in the vicinity and then introducing myself to you.
As to your query about the theatrical profession I must inform you that I am not as you put it, in a "play or sumpin

The other chap gave me the oddest glance up and down and then motioned to his comrade to be on their way.
As they turned and walked away I, having manners that they apparently lacked bid them good evening....

Yes, yes, I must say that the sheer lack of manners is truly abhorrent....
ABSOLUTELY TOP HO! Well done sir, to coin the vernacullar, " Onya mate!" Really, well done. "Stand and deliver" I believe is the phrase, and so you did.Well played, sir, well played indeed.
Yet another example of the 'feral human' we are surrounded with.  For all of their need to be accepted by society, they will NEVER be accepted by Society.
Sad.  Ah well, we will always need someone to shovel coal.....

Careful Master Grimm, While shoveling coal may seem a menial task it does not determine the value of ones character.

Besides something tells me these wayward souls have never lifted a shovel in their lives.

And they never will lift said implement.  As long as their ability to continue their self-enabling behaviour continues, they will not feel any need to change.
I refer you to Mr. Robt. Heinlein's short story of the man that disappeared one day...
Eventually, they will become immovably habituated to their path, and nothing, not even the chance of riches, will sway them.

Quite sad, but far to often the truth!


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