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Reflection upon photographic evidence of this All-Hallowed eve, and its attendant gatherings.

Greetings to all reserved or riotous (and those in-between),

Since some of us will be among the other garishly gathered in this time of year when costume is more common, (even though we may in finery be uncommon or our attire at all times be of a certain flair), I was thinking it would be enjoyable to display somewhere here - photographically - our various wondrous wear attending these festivities surrounding or upon this All-Hallowed eve. And so this call, to say "What think you on this?" Also if collected where should these motley reflections be displayed? What say you on't?

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I will happily host these collections of pictures on my blog. Please send me what pleases you to I will artfully arrange such and link here.
That will I do, and hope that others will follow suit.

My honor to your duty,

don't know how my "outfit" will be turning out as, due to lack of funds, it will be a bit slapdash, but I will be posting at least one picture of it here. I say at least one because the lass I am currently dating tends to be a picture hound.
I like the idea very much
You can count me in, goodfellows.


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