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Congrats to the winning design in the pin contest. Voted for #3 even though #1 were my designs. May I humbly suggest that all 4 runner-ups receive a free pin? Maybe it's not fair to the winning entry? What are your thoughts?

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Ah, I see. Would I have known that it wasn't going to be a real pin, I would have made my design in color.

I feel your pain.  All of mine where designed to be higher-end and cast in metal or metalized resin.

The path chosen got the winner out quickly and at very low cost.  I bought 10 and have been giving them away to other citizens.

Nothing was lost on my end - I enjoyed the work immensely and was inspired to do design work for the first time in ages . . .

That is a good call Madam Starks...that is what came to mind when first viewed.
I also tho't the pin was going to be metal.  Also, the word "member" is missing from the winner, yet it was on the submission. That was one of the reasons I selected the one I did. I understand wanting to get them out, but maybe they could make a metal one and let those of us interested pre-order....
Alas, the powers that be were unable to please everyone.  Sadly, the production costs on a "real" one of the winning design would be, IMHO, quite high.  Maybe you should suggest to Aloysius another contest for a cast-able, higher-end pin to celebrate 6000 citizens.  There should be enough room in the Aether for more than one SpE pin . . .
I deal with a lot of 3D die cast pin production for different projects I work with. Production costs on batches of 200 for such a design, in 3D Die cast, in antique bronze, would run from between $3.92  to 4.92 per.  (depending on size,)  plus shipping cost to the end customer. then you have to add handling cost and and a small income, to fund other projects. I'd sell them for $8 to $10. (Stamping would be cheaper but not as cool.)

Impressive!  Would that include a bit of black enamel to make the lettering pop and maybe a sealing coat?  Or just the casting?

I would pay 8 bucks for a "real" pin in a heartbeat.  (Of course, the shipping costs would make me howl - but I would pay anyway).

I wonder if the SpE shop would order 200 from you if there was a big enough clamor from the citizenry.


I'd buy one, definitely....
No paint but the antique bronze would leave the lower points darker, for the sam effect. I don't sell them I just buy them from a company in CA for groups I work with to use in PR and marketing.
Jim, if you would be so kind as to contact me regarding pin casting, I am interested in making one for my new group, the Secret Steam Society, that is based on my triangular design (#4). i think the antique bronze would be a wonderful look.

I'd also like to personally invite everyone who participated in this competition (whether by submitting a design or merely by being engaged in the process) to join the Secret Steam Society. It's technically a "private" group (it is a secret society after all) but all who apply for membership will be accepted.


Congratulations again to the winning design!

Cheers to one and all!



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