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Hey everyone! Just felt like posting something about my latest project, and yes, like the title says its going to be an airship. I have actually just finished making the ship from scratch, which took three weeks total (not to mention the two month gap in between for school purposes) anyway, like I said the ships done except for filling gaps in the wood and staining it, so next I am going to be installing the electronic components.  Maybe another week or two though, need to save up the money. The ship will be named "The Executioner" because the stern is going to have a blade on it and I am going to bulk up the front end so it looks like its made to ram other airships or rupture their balloons, as for scale its going to be about the size of a large sailboat. (scale wise not real size)

There are going to be three balloons total, one large balloon about 3-4 feet long, and two smaller ones to help keep it stable. and help lift of course. They are going to be made of Mylar since it seems to be the only thing that will hold helium for longer than 2 days.

The first picture is the skeleton, second in the hull, and third is finished building.

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You have a very nice start there sir. do keep us informed of your progress. Also do you have designs we could see now?

Sadely I havent had much time to work on it because I just got a new job and am going to school too. However! I'm slowly working myself up to start again! Fear not my fellow steampunks I have not given up. I have simply hit a small annoying wall. The ship itself is actually done at this point, the design is finished and the wood stain is done, rigging is set up, I just need to make the balloons now and install the electronics. Maybe a week left of work for it.

I'm impressed.

Thank you my friend!


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