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Is anybody else in the Empire getting up early to watch the pomp & ceremony tomorrow?

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Oh yea!
I'll just be watching for the dress.
The same here. :)

I hadn't given it much thought. Still, it would mean quite a few images of London, plus there's the dress, hmmm. Perhaps I'll just whip up a new invention, some device that makes a reviewable record of events and allows one to play them back at a more reasonable hour.

How will I keep up on my snark, if I'm not up for the wedding? I'll probably get up at five, not four, however.
We'll be getting up at 3:00am here to check it out! Gotta see the dress, of course, but I love the uniforms & the horses & the gilded carriges & London street scenes. Love it all & wouldn't miss it!

Here's a breakdown of what is going on at what time:


I want to watch but i'm 2 hours ahead of London time and by the time the main act goes down I'll be at the beach. I feel like a dinosaur - I saw William's PARENTS get married. 

Thanks for posting that, Sadie!
The plan is English Breakfast tea, crumpets, and sausage at 6 a.m. while watching the wedding.
I have to get up around 6:00 a.m. anyway, so I may watch some of it while I'm getting ready for work.
im surprised ppl from other nations would even care about it :)

Just finished reading a book about King Henry the Eighth .                       

Now there was a man with a positive attitude to royal marriage !


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