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Shhh .... Mademoiselle Suzette Cherie, THE MERMAID, has found a nice hiding place

 Dear Friends, after I escaped from the mad scientist, I have longed for a place to feel safe. I have found a few streams close by but there are too many critters and mysterious people of very pale skin that come out at night. Fortunately I have come across a beautiful house in which to slumber and dream of my past home, the sea. I have been sleeping really well for this is a nice place to splash about. Allow me to describe my new hiding place. It is a rather tall house with iron door handles, fancy paintings on the ceilings, and stained glass windows and lots of seating. Most of the time there is no one here so I see no harm in sleeping here safely throughout the night. Besides I slither out before the people come back. Or atleast MOST of the time! I have almost got caught a few only problem that I have is the large bell that rings throughout the day and seems to go crazy on Saturdays. Yes, I think I'm going to like it here! ;-)


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ohh nooo that would make me "mad"

I would perfer to be poached though

Why my dear Mademoiselle Suzette it would appear you have found the original of the bath which my grandfather in America has in his bath room. That man does love his cattle.... ALL 10,000 head of them. Oh well that is I guess one reason why I do love steak so much. I sure am glad Texas is so big because if it were smaller he would have to put the rest of his cattle in another state.. Did I mention that the 10,000 cattle were on his personal ranch.. the other million or so are kept else were. Which is good because it keeps his the grass down between his oil wells. Do try to enjoy that bath. As for those noisy bells try to add pillow around the clapper. Just be careful most of the time there is a nasty drop below those bells.

G.A. Jack Hammerquist, YOU are making me want steak! actually prime rib Mmm =D

Well sir I must say you have not given this much thought do you realize how much methane the bovines create. This is a wonderful way to heat a bath tub... but not so much for the poor cows as their tails tend to get roasted.

However the smell of cooked tail and the gas can over whelm a person when the tub is not in use... I guess that is why my grandfather has a diving helmet with air pumps in his bath room.... Did I mention he uses LIVE bulls in his bath room.

Sorry Suzette I know it is getting a bit deep in here. *grabs the shovel and opens the door* Good thing I have my cowboy boots on.


lol. G.A. Jack Hammerquist, the "Bull" statement that Zombie Zack made was directed toward me, not you darling. He is replying to my Full Immersion Baptismal supported by 12 oxen..weeeel Zombie Zack calls them "bull" not Oxen. ahh hahaha ahhhh hahaha. He may have come across as being disrespectful toward you but if you re read it you'll see his pun was directed toward me =P

 Suzette puts her arm around G.A.Hammerquist, sooo you and your daddy are rich huh? ;-)

Some mysteries have been solved today concerning my new hiding place. I was about to step out of my new water tank when all a sudden the double doors swung open and several ladies came in and gathered and chattered a little too close to me. I quietly, but quickly, jumped back into the tank. During the ladies conversation they called my new hiding place a Cathedral, and they called my water tank a Full Immersion Baptismal. I don't even know what that is but I have been bobbing around and splashing around in a baptismal. The baptismal is supported by 8 copper oxen. It seemed to be symbolic to the ladies that come to this cathedral. shrugs shouders

But what are these tasty wafers that I have found? I've been eating them.ALOT

huhhh.. THE DEAD? You mean like Zack, dead? I'm not sure I want to soak in the tank anymore

choking..spits out the wafers. But they do have really good red juice here. 

oh oh Ohhhh dear! I foresee more "spewing"


"Mysterious people of very pale skin that come out at night".... Madame. Do these people drink blood? Or do they assemble in courts and party? One must be specific!


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