The Steampunk Empire

The Crossroads of the Aether

I'm not thinking of literary mash-ups, but full-blown fandom scenes that would be as rich and strange as steampunk. What'cha got?

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One I recently mentioned is MonkeyPunk. Would explore Planet-of-the-Apes society and technology. Humans would not speak, and would wear skimpy costumes.
monKEY, not monKISH, my good man!
KhemPunk would explore the world of ancient Egypt. You've got your great fashion sense, lots 'n lots o gods, ancient pyramid high-tech. Priest, sorcerer, lots of different fun costumes. For music, you could listen to the B-52's Mesopotamia.

If you like space travel and rayguns, there's Cleopatra in Spaaace! too.

I'm getting a feeling that this one could really work. Now if I could only find two women who could sing in intense pure 4ths, I could start that B-52's tribute band!
Now this just makes me think of Stargate. It's a pyramid star ship!! Whoooo!
And funny chicken robot helms. (Horus Guard)
That would be an interesting band for sure!
Actually, at long last the backstory is in progress! Huzzah!!!!

An it will be posted on SPE, starting quite soon! (looks at his watch))
Huzzah! the first SteamPunk / KhemPunk adventure has begun!!!


Check it out!!!! A new chapter every week!

Or you could listen to They Might Be giants Mesopotamians.

I could get into Egyptpunk but Monkeypunk just sounds creepy...Monkey phobe here tho.
It does, doesn't it? And I guess we'd all get tired of hearing "Get your hands off me, you feethy ape!" all the time.

The guys who love to wear kilts should be up for Khempunk, though.
Pithikosophobia has now been added to your file
thank you


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