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I am not sure how I did not hear about this. I saw the tribute on the newest episode of Doctor Who. Elisabeth Sladen, the actress who played Sarah Jane Smith, passed away of cancer. I am a very big Doctor Who fan and have seen almost every episode. She was probably my favorite companion of Doctor Who. Most Steampunk Fans I have found are Doctor Who fans so I hope this news reaches some fans and like me will have a moment of silence.

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Indeed I was very upset to hear of this. Her own special spin-off "The Sarah Jane Adventures" was fantastic which introduced her to the new generation, also making my little brother extremely sad to see her go.

But we shouldn't just be sad for her loss, we should remember all that she's done too.

I thought that the tribute to her was quite fitting. Smiling, waving and running off to another new adventure. Since Tom Baker was my first Dr., she was also my first companion. I so adored the spin-off show she had these past few years. 

Lady Bess, you are quite right, I'll always remember what she has done and the part she played in my life. I only wish she had done conventions when I was younger, or ever that I would have known of. I would have loved to sit and hear her speak, let alone have a chance to meet her. 

Duchess Lucianna

I was sadden to her of her passing. Sarah Jane was my second favorite character, after the Brigadier
Thank you for letting us know. I shall observe the  moment of silence.
Very sad new indeed. I too am a large fan of Dr. Who. I have been watching since David Tennant took the role of the Doctor and since watched all of the more recent episodes and even started (although never finished) tracking down and watching every episode since the pilot. I even found the Sarah Jane Smith spin off and watched all of those. I think I too will also hold a moment of silence for her as well.
Every day! I myself have advanced breast cancer and this news struck me hard, in spite of all that has been going on in the world lately (wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge; death of Bin-Laden; etc.). I share your grief and will have to order some episodes of Dr. Who now. My cancer is incurable but controllable,. it seems. I don't think she had that chance so my heart goes out to her and anyone else who is suffering.
R.I.P, My fiancee and I greatly appreciated her in the old and new episodes of doctor who, she will be missed.

I wonder if there is a way to make a version of K-9 in her honour. It was the in last time that she appeared in Doctor Who, The Doctor left K-9 for her.


My children recently got hooked on Sarah Jane Adventures...really sorry to hear this news.


I am a huge Doctor fan, but Sarah Jane wasn't my time. I did see her a few times in episodes of Doctor Who.


But still, damn. My condolences to her family. Death is always a sad thing.

She was my favorite too, she was also the companion I started on.  She was fiesty, brave, intelligent, and beautiful, and she will be missed, may the Lord grant her gentle rest.


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