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Steam Century Events for March & April in WI, MN, & IL

Trying to help with the housekeeping here by consolidating everything into a big post for you all. Just to let you know, I am the contact person for Steam Century: Yahara. Steam Century: Kaposia is our sister organization (and "lives" in the same alternative world as we do) but I recommend you contact them for specific details about their upcoming events. You can get in touch with them at

Breaking News! SC: Kaposia has released new details of the March 6th event!

Steam Century: Kaposia will be hosting an evening mystery event called "The Case of the Mysterious Murder" from 3-7pm  on March 6th at MarsCon in Bloomington, MN. Day passes for the convention are available if you are only interested in the game. The game itself costs $5

More about Marscon here:

Steam Century: Yahara will be hosting a Darke Carnival nightclub event at the Inferno in Madison, WI on March 27th featuring The Scarring Party. There will also be a fashion expo, live acts, mini-games, prizes! Cover is $10, $8 in Steampunk or Neo-Victorian attire.

More information about the Inferno evening here:

Steam Century: Yahara will also be hosting a mystery event titled "Divided We Fall,
or....The Virtues of Planned Obsolescence in Biomechanical Automata" in our inaugural
appearance at Midway Village Museum in Rockford, IL.  This event starts at 4pm and ends at 12midnight. In addition to the mystery there will be demonstrations, select vendors and musical entertainment. We are very excited to be able to host this event in a secluded Victorian village.
Tickets are limited for this event, so act soon if you would like to come. Tickets are $35, $30 for museum members.

More information at the Midway Village site here:

Steam Century: Kaposia will be hosting a mystery event at Anime Detour over the weekend of April 23rd to 25th in Bloomington, MN. More details to come soon, but find out more about Anime Detour here:

For more about Steam Century: Kaposia go here:

For more about Steam Century: Yahara go here:

We'd love to see you!

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The flyer for Darke Carnival is now available!

And we now have a prettier version of all the above at the Steam Century website:
Another another flyer for you, this one for the Midway Village event in Rockford, IL

Are you coming in from out of town for the mystery event or will you have time to spend in Rockford before 4pm?

Consider visiting the fine paleontology collections at the Burpee Museum of Natural History. Features include a two-story tall prehistoric coal forest and Jane, the world's most complete juvenile T. Rex.
Ah the Midwest! After a week of 60+ degree weather it snowed on us during the entire rehearsal. However, we planned ahead and dressed in long underwear, caps, cloaks, and gloves. We had a great time with the cast members from Midway Village (we had to be dragged out of the blacksmith shop to actually rehearse, that stuff is so cool!). The brass etching looks great, we have a professional photographer booked to take period portraits, AND we may have some more musical performers coming in to keep you all entertained.

Oh yeah, then there is that little problem of that thing that's murdering villagers, you might want to look into that.......
Even more performers added to the line up! We are excited to announce Musical Storytelling added to April 10th Event at Midway Village!

The Clockwork Violin
The Absinthe Minded Professors
Storyteller Joshua Safford /Violinist Michi Regier
Steampunk Tales

This duo combine Victorian science fiction storytelling and classical music in a bizarre fusion that evokes a gritty future past that never... was, popularly known as “Steampunk.” Drawing on historical seeds of nineteenth century history Joshua creates strange fantasy that is colored by Michi’s textured strings warping the classics. The Absinthe Minded professors will introduce you to a most extraordinary gentleman's hunting club, reveal the rather gory prequel to the nutcracker, and engage in a brief experiment in time travel- all accompanied by Clockwork Violin.

Both these artists are veteran performers of the of the Renaissance festival circuit, having toured the country, as individual artists as well as being part of bands and performance troupes for over twenty years. Both have been involved in performance projects historical and surreal. For more information on storyteller Joshua Safford violinist collaborator Michi Regier please go to her website
Gallowglass Academy has graciously offered to demonstrate Bartitsu at the Midway Village event this Saturday. Bartitsu is the Edwardian martial art that was famously practiced by Sherlock Holmes.

A full day class (with lunch included) will be held at Gallowglass Academy in Leaf River, IL on April 17th from 9am to 5pm.

Price is $50 before April 10 and $75 after. For more information:

You can find out more about Bartitsu here:
The Event page for the April event (with mystery spoilers and all!) is now up. You can find it on the right hand column on our main page:

You can find pictures of the event here:
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