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Good day my friends,

I teach Special Education English classes of 11th and 12th graders. My classes publish magazines and this year we have started "Steam Powered Teen." A magazine about, you guessed it, Steampunk.


The kids are immersing themselves in our genre, but we do require some assistance.

Since there will be a minimum of 3 magazines published this school year and potentially ongoing as determined by market success; my kids are in need of ideas for articles.


Our first issue should hit the end of December. I will make sure to post any progress as we move on.


So, what topics would you want to read about? No idea is a bad one. Remember, there are no stupid questions, only stupid people. lol.


Thanks for your support.





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(short because it's a simple request)

Thank you for the quick response. We have Tesla on tap. That is what I am looking for. Thank you brother.

I think a break down of the different types of Steampunk characters would be cute. And maybe a three part story about a sky pirate or something. I think that a creative type story would add some personalization to the magazine.

Are you really in Victorville? I teach in Apple Valley.

I am indeed! Call me a desert rat!

Aren't we all? However, as we are into steampunk, we are elite Desert Rats.

This is very true. I didn't think there were many of us Steampunks here in the HD, but there are far more than I realized! Its wonderful!

Hear Hear!! You are welcome to come into the class anytime and give your impressions. I appreciate your input.

Well thank you. That sounds like a lot of fun. Perhaps when the first magazine comes out there could be a press party where guests are expected to be dressed in Steampunk. The construction paper hats seems like a fairly easy and fun idea to include everyone.

That is a great idea. I have toyed with the idea. At present, I am trying to get the kids into the creative mindset. They are so hellbent on being literal. I do appreciate your thoughts and support. Brilliant..

thank you

How-to articles should be well received.  Perhaps basic clothing modification, or a little steam-prop 101 to give newbies a place to start.  Articles on bands would also be good (maybe feature some lesser known artists), and book reviews, and maybe a shopping guide for those who don't diy (etsy seems a decent place to start).


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