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Good day my friends,

I teach Special Education English classes of 11th and 12th graders. My classes publish magazines and this year we have started "Steam Powered Teen." A magazine about, you guessed it, Steampunk.


The kids are immersing themselves in our genre, but we do require some assistance.

Since there will be a minimum of 3 magazines published this school year and potentially ongoing as determined by market success; my kids are in need of ideas for articles.


Our first issue should hit the end of December. I will make sure to post any progress as we move on.


So, what topics would you want to read about? No idea is a bad one. Remember, there are no stupid questions, only stupid people. lol.


Thanks for your support.





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Mom taught elementary grades full time for 40 years and as a sub for another 20. She specialized in reading and science.

Her favorite method for so called slow learners (A phrase she hated). Was to let the student find an area that was of interest to them and then gently push them to research that interest.


As an example. Some folks where she taught had a son ready to enter High School who could barely read. Over the summer between 8th grade and the start of his Freshman year  he came to our place a couple times a week. He and I would read together and by the time he started school in the fall he was reading above his grade level.


Youngsters have an amazing ability to apply themselves to things they find interesting.

Your point is very valid. I have a few kids that had leanings. My kids writing about Jules Verne was wanting to do some research about him, so that was a hand in glove fit. Your suggestions are spot on.

Some of the others don't get the liberty since for them they have become accustomed to being spoon fed everything. I have auditory processing, visual processing, ADD, ADHD, Autism, Asperger's, BiPolar, Schizophrenia, and more. Yay!!  Most are terribly creative yet agonizingly apathetic. However, once this magazine comes out, they will see what they can accomplish. Thank you for your suggestion.

We are also doing a technology and future magazine. We have already interviewed Neil Degrasse Tyson. Great interview. If you are interested in seeing what we published last year please head over to


We are upping our game this year as we are able to sell ad space and we are learning from our errors from last time.


This has been a treasure trove of info. I really appreciate all of the suggestions. I will be having my students register here so they will appreciate seeing all of the support.


Thanks again and happy holidays. I look forward to seeing more posts.



Would totally read that!! A good thing to put in a teen Steampunk magazine would be how to get into Steampunk: what to do, where to go and what to buy, to get started.  Could be useful.

We are getting close to going to print. Our first issue is looking pretty snazzy if I do say so myself. I have been cracking this whip quite a bit. Please keep your thoughts and ideas coming. We have a minimum of two more issues in the pipeline. As soon as they are ready I will let everyone know.

Thanks again

I am so excited for this! Just let me know if there is anything I can do and if you did set up a "press" party or whatever. I hope the kids had a lot of fun doing this project.

Reviews of indy steampunk podcasts, webcomics etc. would love to see mine there!

Oh, and I'd love to read it.

A Steampunk Prom article would be interesting. If your class will have photos of themselves in the magazine, the grand finale edition could be photos of their Steampunk Prom.  

It is available now. Steam Powered Teen is ready for purchase. It can be bought at

Since we have a minimum 2 more issues, please keep the ideas coming. If anyone is interested in advertising or doing interviews for their projects, let me know.

With regards to the podcast, I have to find a way for the kids to listen to it. It is blocked at my school site.

But here we go. And thank you for all of your support and ideas.

Good day,

Well, issue #2 is out for your purchasing pleasure. Please go and buy as many copies as possible. These kids have worked hard and I have lost more hair. And none of us wants that.



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