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I only found two other Empire denizens last year, despite my wandering through the designated bar/lobby at the specified time.  I'd like to do better this year, but am unsure what the best time and place would be to make it convenient for the greatest number of people.


My first thought is maybe 3pm Saturday.  It's an hour before the 'group photo' listed on the schedule so we could meet and then cluster together in the photo?  


Or any other ideas?


(I have three SPE pins, including the official pin , to identify me as hailing from SPE if only I can locate them before I leave!)

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Wow, the tags came out seriously funky.  Started out as " steamcon, steamcon III, meet-up"  Ah, well.
I suspect a lot of people will be at the tea at that time, which is where I will be.
As mentioned, happy to entertain other ideas.
I probably won't have time no matter what, I was just making a suggestion.  I hope you can manage to find time for a meetup.  Right after the photo might be good too.
3:00 PM Saturday should work for me.  Where?

Okay, 3:00 PM Saturday!  (I obviously am not going to the Tea either)  


Since I don't know anything about the hotel, I just scrolled through their photo gallery.


How about meeting in the library, hanging around the piano or the fireplace?  The lounges only seem to be open late according to their web site.    


WARNING!  I called the concierge and asked about the library - she had no idea that that part of the lobby has been named 'the library'.  She thought I meant the county library.  I had to explain I found it on their own web site's photo gallery!  Oy!    There is nothing open in the afternoon to inquire about a place to grab a beverage and hang out, unless you leave the hotel.  (It was no fun running between buildings last year, I am not about to do it this year!)  

It is much easier to get from the hotel to other places than last year. There is also a bar in the hotel, Suite, though i don't recommend it. They just opened and haven't really shaken down yet. And I'm not sure when they open, so might just be evenings.

There is also a bar, Joey's, in a shopping center across the valet area from the hotel. They should be open at 3pm on Saturday.

Across the street is Lincoln Square and Bellevue Square, which are FLUSH with food/drink places, and lots of cover from the rain and cold. :) 

Maybe someone closer has a SPE banner or sign?  This could serve double duty for the photos.  Some groups set up a bulletin board near registration for members to sign in and leave cell/room numbers(?)  I would have virtually no chance of recognizing anyone from our avatars here.
Awww...I'd love to meet up, but I'll be at the tea. :(
I'm glad to know you're going this year.  If we don't pick a different time to meet, I'll keep an eye out for you.
hey captain, not sure if you'll see this, but I am unsure about getting to the 'library' at 3pm - my nephew is driving down from Port Angeles and we will be working around his schedule.  But the fireplace is such a nice place to hang out!  If we can be there at 3 I'll look for you.  Vict
I am sorry but I was not able to go online while I was at SteamCon.   I was found by a couple SPE folks but we still did not manage to cluster up for the picture this time.  Maybe next year when the theme is "Victorian Monsters."


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