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Hiya!  I currently live in Southern California and was am attending Her Royal Majesty's Steampunk Symposium.... but I was wondering what kinds of other conventions there are out there. So, what and where are theu? I'm interested in any and all conventions in the United States.


Thanks so much!!


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I went to Wild Wild West Convention in Tucson earlier this year and loved it. They will return in 2013. 


Steamcon is coming up -  later this month. has a list that while many of them have passed scroll to the bottom and there are still a few left.


I went through the random bits of paper I have on my desk and on New Year's Eve that is a Three Day Steampunk Extravaganza in Forth Worth Texas.


Hope this helps, 


-Mandy Magpie


This one is coming up fairly soon...It was wonderful last year...and I hope to find it just as fun this year! 

Would love to make your acquaintance there! 

( I say fairly soon...but really it's not till May....hehehehe)  

Thank you so much! I was looking more for next summer as I am in school... But it is great to know. Add more if you come across any others!

I'm curious, too! I can't make it to the symposium this weekend, but if you hear of anything else happening locally (I'm in O.C.), I'd be ever so grateful if you passed the info along.

Coooome to Wicked Faireeeeee!   Hehe.  It's not during the sumer (it's next month) and it's across the country from you...but I will be there. :)  And apparently now I have to take my Hogwarts uniform because one of my crazy acquaintances has planned a Harry Potter themed parade.  I'm looking forward to the hilarity!

AnomalyCon is amazing!

This is not a Steampunk Convention, but I am sure there will be a Steampunk contingent there. (There is a Steampunk 101 panel that I intend to be at since I am still very new to this.) It is in New Orleans, LA.


I was also very suprided to findout about this one.


It is in Vicksburg Mississippi on March 31. They are both kinda far for you to travel, but they are very close to me :)



How was the HRM Steampunk Symposium? Any views?

I attended.  it was absolutely fantastic!  good turn out and a ton of fun.  I highly recommend it.  I couldnt imagine a better setting for a SP Convention than the Queen Mary.   it was so strange that after a day of walking around the ship seeing all the SP-wear all the 'normals' really started to stand out as odd looking.

I had a different opinion of the event. I thought the events could have been planned out better. I really enjoyed the musical acts they had preform, but I felt like they planned too much and didn't follow through with enough. The vendors were amazing. I had a good time, but I felt like the events could have been better planned.

well, it was their first go 'round for it, so I definitely cut them some slack.  Ive worked for Comic Con in San Diego for almost a decade, so attending something smaller and more personally manageable really set the tone for me.  it was relaxing vs a frantic onslaught.

Admittedly a few things fell through the cracks, I'm with you there, however overall I think they put together a pretty nice event.

I definitley enjoyed myself. I just think there are things that can make next year's event even better. Like setting up a twitter account that would alert the participants about upcoming events (ex. "Join us at 11am for a movie in the Room A.")


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