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  It isn't often I write a review on something like this. Generally in a new event for an area, I leave a little bemused, and sometimes a little disappointed. All too often there is a weak attempt at fitting a new area into a nationwide series of events, and it falls flat because the arrangers didnt check ahead and make things fit to everyone else.


The Steampunk Empire Symposium in Cincinnati is one of the best startup events I have ever seen. The panels and discussions were excellently put together, There were things for all ages and members of a family, The staff running the event were friendly, helpful at all times, and knew what they were about. The schedule of activities ONLY isue was that I could not cover multiple panels or activities at the same time.

 I saw regulars from other conventions and gatherings, and they fit right into the game. The overall community (convention goers) were dressed in many different styles of period garb, and the blend was all at once eclectic, ecstatic, and exuberant. Everywhere I looked, people were happy, and having a great amount of fun.

And finally, though the Vendor Area was a bit less than at longer running setups, the selection was fair, and the prices decent.


The only drawback was the Hotel itself. It seemed to me that the hotel was not in the best shape, and the staff didnt know how to handle so many people. Considering the success of the event, I foresee a much larger gathering next time around, and a much larger (and better repaired) facility to be in the offing,

Noting that the Hotel is by no means any fault of Master Fox or the symposium, I grade the Symposium FIVE STARS out of four.  Magnificent job.

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I wholeheartedly concur with your excellent review, good Sir.  It was a fabulously fun and exhausting weekend!

I too wholeheartedly concur with all of your points. Huzzah! to Aloysius Fox and crew for a splendid event. The event exceeded our expectations and we look forward to the next one at an even better venue. Good show!

My family and and I enjoyed it as well. Highlights include; seeing "The Wars of Other Men", the bartitsu class and the great nerf battle on Sunday. Major kudos to the great folks who ran the children's room.
The few panels that I caught, were either the same ones I have seen at other steampunk cons (not saying that it is a bad thing) or ran on the same themes. My one real nitpick, and this often applies to other types of panels as well, is the same misconceptions about Victorian culture and people being repeated over and over, such as "Victorians did not bathe!" as an example. But that is more of a lack of historical research then anything.
Major kudos to the con staff for putting on such an event. Very well put together. The only pity is that there could have been more in the way of panels or workshops, but it is a first time event after all.

I MUST agree with the nitpicking. It was actually in Elizabethan times that Bathing was frowned upon (and for a little while thereafter). This was due to puritan influences in both the protestant religions, and the Catholic main. The idea was that exposing the body for ANY reason was both sinful and inviting sin to happen. One must wonder how the caucasion folks managed to keep a population, as they were the only part of the world really to view such ideas as static normalcy. HOWEVER, in Victorian times, Bathing was quite normal.

This was the first Steampunk event my husband and I have attended. The hotel was not the greatest but far from the worst I have ever stayed in. The hotel staff was friendly but completely unprepared for the number of guests. The panels were fun and all the venders were friendly and had some beautiful works of art.

Over all it was a great weekend and a great start to my Steampunk adventures.

Completely delightful weekend! I would add to your critique on the panels that they seemed to either be overloaded or under planned as I was either having to decide between 2 or 3 wonderful panels/activities or sitting around waiting for something to start - maybe more half hour segments for the next one?

Also - while I thoroughly enjoyed the Deadly Sins Burlesque - don't schedule it against the ball!!!  I didn't get as much time on the dance floor as I would have liked as the Burlesque started late and had several other delays during the show.

These are deep nitpicks - I had a wonderful time and I look forward to next year!

I must agree with the scheduling issue with the burlesque. Wife and I both won tickets, gave one set away, and attended the burlesque. We skipped out at the first intermission however, becausae the Ball was the priority.

I'm curious to know why there were a limited number of seats available for the Burlesque show? It seemed the theater could accommodate more people.


This is a well written review of this fine event.   My lady, Steampunkonista and I enjoyed the event very much.   The team that put on this event deserve a lot of credit for putting on such a fine event.

Well done

Ian Rumbles

I have to agree. This was my first official Steampunk event and I was not disappointed. I was not sure what to expect, but I was very pleased by the turn out, the events, the panels, and the beautiful clothing. It was very well done. My congratulations to the organizers. I look forward to the next one!

I am really glad that so many people had a good time. I will be saving all my pennies to go next year, and plan things far far in advance. If all ya'll's comments are anything to go by, I am sure that next year it will be even better and even more fun!

Yes! Great review. It was my first Steampunk event to attend and it was good fun with very nice people! I look forward to seeing many new friends at Teslacon!


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