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Has this topic been broached before?

Do you have any good jokes to tell when in the drawing room, salon or saloon?


'One of the Queen's Magistrates, a Rabbi and a Blonde Can-Can Dancer walked into a bar.....'

(No insult intended to any of the above admirable professions.)


But really, is there much out there that is usuable or adaptable?


Here is one I recently adapted, having just received an early 21st Century version of the same over the Aethernet.


After being married for some 40 odd years, I a respected merchant-airship magnate, took a careful look at my wife, herself a brilliant cryptobiologist and commented:
'Forty years ago my Dear, we were living in a cheap flat, we had but a single tattered and leaky dirigible, slept on a pallet on the floor and listened to a tinny Gramophone, but I spent every night in the arms of a lovely budding  25 year old scientist.
Now we have a glittering brass floating mansion, a fleet of the finest airships, sleep on a mammoth, hand carved Madagascarean Rosewood bed and listen to a marvelous mechanized Ragtime band each evening. Yet I am now sleeping with a 65 year old woman. It would certainly appear, my Dear, that you are not holding up your end of things.'
Being a most reasonable woman, she replied:
'The solution is quite simple Darling. Go find yourself an attractive 25 year old woman and I shall be certain to see that once more you are living in a cheap flat, own a single tattered and leaky dirigible, sleep on a pallet on the floor and resume listening to that tinny Gramophone.
Would you care for more tea?'

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Lol I don't have any to contribute but I'd love to hear more!
How many Steampunks does it take to secure a photon emitting unit?
I give up. How many?


Did I mention that the unit was hand-crafted and very SHINY . . .

Edison or Tesla ?
Then how many Steampunks does it take to secure a patent ?
It depends on how much the patent is struggling.
The answer is patently obvious.
... and we were waiting patently for your reply .
If you could just hold these wires and have a seat in that metal chair while your patent is being processed, it shan't take a moment...easy as a flip of a switch.


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