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Who would you consider to be the 'Steampunk King' if such an honor were handed out? (or maybe 'SP' of the year). This could be an actor or director of Steampunk based movies, or a novelist that writes of this genre. Artist. Maybe even a fictional figure. Whomever influences you on this subject.

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A great viable candidate. I love the ingenuity. I wish I had that kind of time to build.

"We are having fun in a fictional world."

-James Murray.

Can we nominate our barkeep as king? ;) I don't know if that would cause a conflict of interest or not.... Also, I'm not sure if it's a good idea to give you such power in your own bar, but then again, there's Zack, Wally, Farrokh, myself, and all the other insane ones to keep you in line :D 

Part of what makes it so fun.

Me thinks Virginia Woolf could pull off another Hoax! teehee

Bunga! Bunga!

I dunno.  I think King may be too short and simplistic of a title to bestow upon one in the Steampunk realm.  I think we need to think of something more wordy that says the same thing.  Any thoughts?

HIMotSPR [Her Imperial Majesty of the SteamPunk Realm] Suzette Cherie!


SteamPunk Emperor? This would give it both male and female connotation.

I was jogging this through my head before creating the post.


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