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Dear Ladies & Gentlemen,

I humbly start yet another yarn of comments and opinions, but this time on the topic of words. In addition to priding ourselves on the things we make and the fashions we sport, there are many in this growing community who pride themselves on their mastery of language. It is in this spirit that I propose that we share with each other some delightful words that are most applicable to our somewhat pretentious, but oh so amusing, needs.

I begin the thread with the word Sobriquet. Despite various succinct definitions available on the aetherwaves, I found this rather verbose definition on the infamous Wikipedia to be most satisfying:

"A sobriquet is a nickname or a fancy name, usually a familiar name given by others as distinct from a pseudonym assumed as a disguise, but a nickname which is familiar enough such that it can be used in place of a real name without the need of explanation. This salient characteristic is of sufficient familiarity that the sobriquet can become more familiar than the original name."

What a wonderful word to express our common inclination for renaming oneself (I prefer to ignore the part about the nickname being given rather than assumed). Incidentally it is pronounced: \ˈsō-bri-ˌkā, -ˌket, ˌsō-bri-ˈ\

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You may enjoy my old chum's claim that the plural of "octopus" is not "octopi." She always said that since octopus comes from Greek, the appropriate plural is "octopodes" (pronounced like "antipodes.")
Much more fun to say than octopi.
Dear Reader,
I list the words below only for your entertainment and lexiconical edification. They should not imply any thoughts or actions ill-befitting a gentleman of my position. Any rumours or daguerreotypes to the contrary notwithstanding.





Yours Sincerely,
Simon Wildefarer

I recall, back when I was in high school, we were assigned to assemble a dictionary, comprised of "words of our generation." That is to say, words commonly used by illiterate American teenagers. I wanted none of that. So, I instead took it upon myself to use the words of my own private vernacular. Here are a few of those, as well as some that I have collected in the interim, along with the definitions I have given them, which may or may not make the proper amount of sense.

all-what-have-you - pron. whatnot; everything; et cetera

blasphemous - adj. profane

elephantine - adj. massive; ponderous

feigned­ - adj. fictitious; not genuine or real

grotesque - adj. absurdly incongruous

inexplicable - adj. not able to be explained

inordinate - adj. excessive; unreasonable

prevaricate - v. to deviate from the truth

proverbial - adj. commonly spoken of

I've always been fond of:


Ubiquitous : -adj. existing or being everywhere, especially at the same time.


Flirtatious : Not a fancy dancy word, but just fun to say


Suss : to investigate or find out


Sibilant : hissing...also just fun to say


Turgid... I just like fitting that one into the most innocuous of statements when I can.


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