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I have a collection of steampunk style movies or what I believe is steampunk. Hopefully it might help some of you with ideas or just watching how good some of them are. I also want people to add to the list and I want my collection bigger. Thank you.

20,000 Leagues under the sea

Around the world in 80 Days  

Atlantis: The Lost Empire 

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

The City of Lost Children

Dark City 

The Golden Compass 

The Great Race

Hellboy 1 & 2

The Illusionist

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Lemony Snickets

Perfect Creature

The Prestige

The Rocketeer

Sky Captain and The World of Tommorow


The Time Machine

Treasure Planet

Wild Wild West

Willie Wonka & the Chocolate Factory

Van Hellsing

Now I want you to know I found this list and bought all the movies. I'm sure there is more including anime like Steamboy and Full Metal Alchemist. 


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Personally I'd cross off Dark City, The Rocketeer, and Sky Captain and The World of Tomorrow as all being Dieselpunk. I'd also cross off Stardust as fantasy - unless you're one of the people trying to claim Harry Potter is steampunk too.
I agree Dark City is disealpunk and Stardust is about half of it is steampunk with the airpirates but with the very short list and if I dont include anime those movies should be added. Harry Potter is not even close to any steampunk except when Hagrid wears the goggles.

This is a good list and I own over half of them :D

If I may be so bold as to say; goggles are just something to keep debris from getting in one's eyes.

Good list, and I would add these:


From the Earth to the Moon:  Joseph Cotton and George Sanders adapting the JV novel.


Mysterious Island-JV adaption with Ray Harrihausen special effects and Herbet Lom as Captain Nemo.


Master Of The World-Another JV adaption-two novels this time, personal annoyance-moves the early mis en scene from Morganton, NC (where I am now) to Morgantown, PA.  But Vincent Price is great as mad genius Robur the Conquerer, and a young Charles Bronson as the government agent out to stop him.


First Men in the Moon-Ray Harryhausen effects dominate this adaption of the HGW works.


Island Of Dr, Moreau-Burt Lancaster and Michael York in the best Adaptation of the HGW novel.


Island Of Lost Souls-Charles Laughton in an earlier, campier, version of the Island Of Dr. Moreau.  Worth it for Cl's over the top ( and out of the closet) performance.

Stardust is steampunk, don't deny it. I hate the mix of steampunk and magic but... anyway, the only other one is Forewarned:

Hellboy 1 & 2

Willie Wonka & the Chocolate Factory

The Rocketeer

Sky Captain and The World of Tommorow


The Golden Compass

Dark City


I don't see how any of these are steampunk. Science fiction, dieselpunk and fantasy maybe.....but not steampunk. 


All those have some steampunk. Maybe not straight but as popular movies go they can fit in that classification.
Very stilly indeed. Willie Wonka, no. Hellboy I have heard so sure, the rest look like they should at least be mentioned. Maybe we need to lists. Movies strictly SP, and ones that we disagree on.

Also to add:


City of Ember

Brothers Grimm

Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

Time After Time




I would recommend Steamboy, which is a full-length movie, and Spirit of Wonder 1 & 2; they are anime, but DEFINITELY SteamPunk.  You don't find out that Spirit of Wonder is taking place in the 1950s until SoW 2 (they are titled "Spirit of Wonder: Miss China's Ring" and simply "Spirit of Wonder"; "Miss China's Ring" came out first), when the Scientific Boys' Club goes to Mars in an airship propelled by an engine that interacts with the Luminiferous Aether, finding that it is not at all like Percival Lowell depicted it....
Now Im getting some flak over this list. Let me say this in more detail. These movies have some steampunk style to them. Granted they are not full blown steampunk of course. But few popular movies are completely. These movies have victorian elements as steampunk attire goes and/or they have devices that are very steampunk. But that could go for a lot of different movies. These particular movies have more then most. Instead of just a brief flash here and there. And I'm sorry steampunk and deiselpunk are not that far apart. That's just my opinion.
I would also include The Assassination Bureau, which is more Edwardian than Victorian, but still having a bit of Steampunk feel, and Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines, which is set in 1913, but also has a feel of Steampunk, especially in the various planes the Italian pilot tries out.


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