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Dr. Bortmano and I will be celebrating our honeymoon in Paris the first and second weeks of June. Are there any Steampunk groups, cafes, secret societies, astonishing shoppes, friends of friends to which or whom we might desire letters of introduction? Your gentility in this matter greatly appreciated.

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How I'd love to meet some of our compatriots in the land of Jules Verne.

Thank you for the suggestion. It is now my goal to personally connect with each and every member of our Empire who lives in France. Should be an exciting trip!

IDK, but have you watched Midnight in Paris? And Hugo?

I know you didn't ask for museums, but if you haven't heard of Paris' Musee des Arts et Metiers, please look it up.

It is an amazing and beautiful display of historical tech. The least crowded, and one of the most fascinating, places I visited during a month's stay in that lovely city.

Bonus: the Arts et Metiers Metro station is worthy of a visit from any steampunker in its own right.

Another bonus: until July 1, 2012, they have an exhibit built around a replica of the Antikythera Instrument - I'm tempted to go myself.

I hope you read French, as i do not recall many explanatory signs in any other language.


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