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Here is a version of the sonic screwdriver that was used by River Song in the Dr. Who episode "Silence in the Library'.  I made it out of brass (and have the burn marks from the brass to show for it). It is for my costume that I will wear to the upcoming World Steam Expo.   The costume itself is nearing completion...and a good thing to as the exposition is not that far off!


 The screwdriver has an ultraviolet light and sounds like the tenth doctors sonic screwdriver. The activation button is on the left hand side seen in the bottom picture.



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Now you just need to make a steampunk TARDIS. Well, at least the outside. The inside (console) is already very SP.
As nice as the inside of the new Matt Smith Tardis is, being all "steampunky" and all, unless it is possible to develope a TOYOTA and relative dimensions in space I don't think that is going to happen any time soon.  The close as may come is Sister Frances claims she will develope a steampunk Dalek outfit. It will, however, go along well with the steampunk Torchwood outfit that I have planned - for which I have already commissioned the victorian jacket and skirt. 
On that note, has there ever been a more fitting steampunk name than "Captain Jack Harkness"?

We have a small steampunk airship with military uniforms we are working on. In fact I just rec'd a small plasma disk to build the purse with that goes with the outfit.


So my rank will be Captain and I am thinking either Captain Julie Gillespie (after my great great grandmother) or Captain Julie Harker (after Mina Harker). 


I have noted that Teslacon will feature one of the writers from Dr. who to talk about their steampunk episodes.

Amelia pond


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